Hubitat <> Smartthings stopped working

Hi I've been slowly moving over some of my automations and devices to HE from ST and for the most part it has been working ok.

Over the weekend the ability for HE to control devices in Smartthings stopped. It is still displaying device statuses originating from ST but but it's no longer able to control them.

This is what happens when I attempt to control something in the dashboard:

I tried restarting the HE hub and actually lost some of my latest automation changes. Any hints?

What ia it you are using ro get the updates to Smartthings. Is it Hubconnect or Node red or something else?

I'm using HubConnect.


Are you seeing any errors in the logs on hubitat when changes should be occurring.

Coincidentally I had a similar issue that I noticed last night.
Mine was Hubitat to Hubitat also using HubConnect.
Originally I chalked it up to some issue I created that I don’t remember doing but now I am not so sure...
I fixed it by recreating the client and deleting all the orphaned devices then removing server instance tied to that hub.
I did not need to remove the server app completely as the Hubitat to HomeBridge was working fine.
I do not remember the original connection method but I assumed it was LAN.
This time I selected internet since I am connecting to another hub on LAN but in a different IP range.
It only been a 8hrs but everything seems to be working for me again.

I'm so glad you mentioned this. I checked the logs and saw that there was literally nothing going on which led me to believe that perhaps things just weren't connected.

I looked in the ST HubConnect app and found indeed, all switches (other than the one I added most recently) were unchecked. I must have done that when I added the new one. DUH.

Anyway fixed now and things are working again. Glad this community exists or I'd be seriously sad. :slight_smile:

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