Hubitat SmartThings Integration


Im new to Habitat and finding it a little frustrating. I want to integrate the Habitat hub with my old Smarthtings hub. Now I figured this should be relatively easy as I had this integration going with Home Assistant, yes the free one, in about 10min.

I have been going for days now and cannot seem to get it working. Through the somewhat official documentation from Hubitat I have tried Hub Link and Link to hub, no go. No errors just doesnot work.

I have now started trying Home Connect. looks like and much better app my bugger me is required a lot of stuff installed and configured. Hubconnect server is connected but not a thing is happening. Im not seeing anything in Smarthings or Hubitat. Why is this so hard.

Any suggestion, or should I just give up an go back to Smarthtings, please dont say yes !

Thanks !

I use HubConnect with my HE hubs and it works well.
I know people are also using HC to link to their ST hub successfully.
Have you looked at the HC thread and followed all the steps.
Done oAuth etc.
You haven't given much information as to what you have done and what the exact issue is.
Are the logs showing anything etc. etc.


Hi Bob,

My main issue was finding a doc that showed exactly what I wanted to do in my case. Kept searching and had another stab at getting it going and got it working. Thanks for responding.

Regards Brett

I have 4 Hubitat hubs and 2 Smartthings hub connected via hubconnect this is the write up I followed to get it all up and running. Hope it helps.