Hubitat sent me a used device - and I can't register it!

I ordered a Hubitat and they sent me one that was clearly returned to them and not reset. I can't use findmyhub and when I navigate to the hub via IP address, I can see that it is still registered to someone else.

How can I get this resolved ASAP?

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tagging @support and @bobbyD
They'll get this sorted out quickly. Sorry for the trouble(I don't work for HE, I'm just another user)


I've seen it explained before that Amazon does their fulfillment, they do not do it themselves. There have been instances in the past where amazon sent out a returned hub that either hadnt been reset, or tested. Either way they are usually pretty quick to resolve the issue.


Same thing happened to me. They sent me a new one pretty quickly.

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Hubitat actually uses Amazon to fulfill some of their orders. There have been cases of Amazon shipping returned hubs as new. I am sure the @support_team will get this resolved quickly.

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Sorry for the troubles. As @ogiewon mentioned above, we use Amazon fulfillment services and they are known to occasionally ship returned hubs, instead of sending them back to us. Please check your notifications in the upper right corner for a private message.


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