Hubitat sensors to Homekit

This might seem like a simple topic but I couldn’t find a definitive answer.

Is there a way to use Hubitat as a sort of a relay for HomeKit? Basically if I bought cheap Zigbee sensors for instance and connect them to Hubitat, could I then see them in HomeKit via some sort of integration? Or would I still need a Homebridge?

Homebridge is required for the two Homekit integrations I know of.
A raspberry Pi is cheap and good for hackey little things like this.
Homebridge docker image is super easy to set up.

I am using the docker image that @keithcroshaw mentioned running on my NAS. @dan.t has a nice write up on this Integration:

Thanks. I do have a couple extra 3B’s laying around. I was just wondering if it’s necessary.

Thank you. I’ll definitely check it out. I actually think I found the exact article, but was unsure if this is what I needed.

Curious if you got this docker image to work? I have been trying to move my standalone homebridge-hubitat-hubconnect install to docker and have been having issues. Perhaps it's because this needs to listen on an additional port?

I've been running HOOBS in a Docker on my Synology NAS (Intel CPU "Plus" model) for almost two months now with no issues, and ran it on a Pi for a few weeks before that.....

Funny you’ve asked this I was just messing with it again but on Linux. It was easy on my pi, but I keep getting “could not add accessory” on my hoobs container.

I just got it working. It was not working earlier and basically spewing this: UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning - Incoming Message · Issue #319 · oznu/docker-homebridge · GitHub

I ended up having to go back to Hubconnect on Hubitat, copy the registration string for Homebridge, paste into the copied config from my local session (even though it's the same code). Changed MAC address & Registration code as well. Then saved the config.json, restarted the container, THEN clicked verify in Hubitat->Hubconnect.

I ended up having to delete the home from my iOS device but it let me register and Homebridge accessory showed up. YMMV.