Hubitat sending e-mail or text message

I'm looking a putting a sensor in my Mail Box, so that every time it is opened I get a message showing me how many times it's been opened.

So I can set up a variable to count up on a contact closure and I can reset the number easy enough, I just need a way of sending the variable number to my phone.

Any thought?

Look under Actions in your rule, you'll find an action called (or including) "Speak or send message".

Said action will allow you to send a notification to notification devices you have registered on the hub such as phones or tablets.


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Text messages can be sent using Twilio.

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Thanks guys, I'll look into those two, I assume Twilio has a Hubitat App? does it charge per text?

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There is a device driver for it. You set up a Twilio account and link the driver to it.

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