Hubitat self change Mode

I just set up a piston (from ST and restore it to HE) that set the right mode. I got severals presence sensor (life 360, virtual one updated through yonomi app by web request, personal phone...) Sometimes the presence still not quick enough and I would benefit to have multiple sensor to use the first to be changed...
So, if a sensor changed, if its one from my side (I got mine and my wife) it looks if all of my wife sensor are home. If so, it keeps home mode. Else it change it to away, and same thing when I get back, if any sensor changed to home, it set the mode to home (my wife could be away but someone is home...).
It works well exept that few minutes after away mode, it return to home and few minutes later it wll return to away. I have no ideas of where the signal came from to tell that I m home, so I made notification event on each devices (from hubitat notifier) and I got nothing from the notifier before to return the home mode. Its like the hub that decided to set the home mode. Pretty strange. I would like to now if someone has the same problem or something similar?

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