Hubitat, Sage DB sensor, Ubiquiti G4 doorbell, Alexa No chime

Apologize as i'm new to all this, and i'm really wanting to get this to work. Heres my current situation.

I have no doorbell button outside, no chime, and no transformer.

What i'm wanting to do is find the simplest way to get this to work.

  1. Install g4 doorbell pro outside.
  2. Install Transformer and Sage doorbell sensor
  3. When g4 doorbell pro doorbell button is pressed, it announces over my alexa that someones at the door or sends off a chime.
  4. I want to avoid having to install a chime if possible.

I currently have hubitat up and running my home automation (lights/switches/sensors/plugs)

Anyone able to assist with how i would wire this up?
Do i need to download any driver for the g4 pro?
What needs to be done to get the g4 pro to announce on alexa?

I currently have the alexa app installed that i tie all my automation to. Im thinking it might be as simple as adding it to the alexa skill, going into alexa, making sure the doorbell is added, and hoping theres a chime or voice option.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

I wrote a Hubitat integration for UniFi Protect that supports the doorbell features. You could use this to get button press events into Hubitat. I recommend installing via Hubitat Package Manager.

You will have to power the doorbell somehow. You'll need a transformer in the range of 16-24V AC output. If you don't already have one wired for an existing doorbell, maybe you can discretely (and safely!) tap into an outdoor outlet or something.

The Sage sensor isn't necessary if the button press events from UniFi Protect are good enough. But I also have a Sage sensor and like that it's natively supported by Hubitat. It's all up to your preferences.

On playing sounds via Alexa, I'm not sure. Maybe search Echo Speaks on this forum to see if it would meet your needs?

If I were designing a doorbell solution that was a new install vs. legacy retrofit, I'd forget all about the Sage device. I used one for about a year, but it wasn't a super reliable device and cannot report battery level.

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I agree. Without an existing doorbell, you would not be able to detect the button presses with the Sage device. It does not work without having something to detect. There are wireless buttons that could potentially work for you. I don't know if they are on the compatibility list though.

Aqara WXKG11LM Wireless Mini Switch - Zigbee

Aeotec Doorbell Button - Z-Wave

With either of these, you could set up a rule that if the button is pressed, you would be notified via Pushover or Alexa. You would not need the Sage device and you would not need to do any wiring.

Edit: I was reading the reviews for the Aeotec button. It looks like it will pair with the Hubitat Elevation hub just fine. It is on the compatibility list. I did not see the Aqara button on the compatibility list, so I don't know if it would pair and work or not. If you already have a fairly robust Z-Wave setup, then the Aeotec button would be great. If Zigbee, you could try the Aqara button.

I was in a similar situation. First I wanted to integrate my existing doorbell switch outside to a sensor that would trigger an event. I tried using a door sensor but the trigger time was too short to create a reliable event.
What I ended up doing was to buy a cheap 433mhz wireless doorbell - which provides the single chime. I then bought this zigbee relay
and programmed the 433mhz doorbell button to trigger an event on this device.

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