Hubitat Rule for Inovelli Motion + Lux using their Red Dimmer + 4 in 1 sensor

I have my Inovelli Red Dimmers installed but plan to now go to the next step with their 4 in 1 sensors. I jumped on the pre-Order, so hopefully they'll be here in April sometime.

I don't want to do just Modes + motion as I have some rooms that are dark most of the time like a den with no windows and a couple of bathrooms. But, it is most of the time, not all of the time. So I can't just say if it is M mode and motion detected turn on the light to P percentage. I'm using a Hubitat C7 hub and want to create a rule that says if Lux < L and motion detected and hours between Y and Z (which I could do modes I suppose for that part of the equation) then turn on Light Bulb B or Switch S to P %.

Can anyone point me to such a rule and/or post a screen shot of that?


Hey did you get a email about the 4 in 1 sensors?? I didn't see the pre-order or received an email saying that they are available to pre-order?

I can't remember if I got an email or not, but I saw someone mention something about it in a thread and I jumped on it.

Look at the "Motion and Mode Lighting" app...does everything you want.

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