Hubitat/Ring Security - First Time Install

Hey Everyone,

Go easy on me, this is my first post. I know there are A LOT of threads on this already.. Which I have spent hours reading.

I am migrating from the recently bricked ST/ADT hub. I also have a ring security in the box, waiting to be installed

Should I setup with HSM, the recently pulled back Ring integration, or through the standard ring setup and integrate hubitat after? (if that's even possible) My main requirement is remote (self) monitoring/notifications.

My plan is to move

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Welcome to the community!

Most people here will tell you that HSM is good for a number of things, but being a "bulletproof" home security system might not be one of them. You can set up HSM to be your home security system, but I think the opinion here is that reliably is paramount when it comes to home security, and that it is worth having a dedicated system for that.

I believe you can integrate Ring into Hubitat. FWIW, I have abode for a home security system (purchased before I knew of Hubitat) and I have since integrated them. This integration allows abode to be its own thing, but also allows me to use abode's sensors in Hubitat automations without risking abode becoming unstable because of it.

Hope that helps. Keep your questions coming; this is a great community!


Can anyone tell me whether Ring, or any other HE integrated security system, will trigger an alarm based on a signal from Hubitat? Is the integration only one way?

Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. When you integrated your system with Hubitat, did you have to reset your sensors, or did they show up with their appropriate names already?

Not that I am aware of. I believe all of the sensors that might trigger an alarm (door/window, motion, etc.) would need to be directly connected to the security system and not Hubitat. Hubitat integration would just allow further automation beyond the alarm system (e.g. when alarm triggered, turn lights on)


abode is a bit of an odd one, IMO. Not to discount the great work done by someone else to put together the driver to integrate the two, but the integration does not bring over any of the sensors that are connected to abode. It only brings over the current state of the alarm (away, home, standby) and the event log from abode. What I ended up doing is I created virtual devices in Hubitat to mimic the physical devices connected to abode, and had to write a number of RM automations to keep things in sync (e.g. when the abode log shows the front door opening, set virtual door contact to 'open', etc.)

I don't know how the Ring integration works. If it brings over all of the contact sensors, etc. as child devices, life will be simpler for you :slight_smile:

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