Hubitat Package Manager freezing?


Having this weird issue in hubitat package manager. When in the main menu, if i click on repair or uninstall buttons. It seems like it's freezing there's a loading icon on the top right but nothing happens.

Shall i just uninstall and reinstall hubitat package manager?

Any ideas what could cause this?

Thanks in advance

How long did you wait? My thought is it might be fetching a list remotely and it could be large, if you didn’t wait long maybe load and grab a coffee, see what happens?

You probably should have posted this in the HPM thread so the developer could see this. Also, any errors in the logs probably would be helpful for people trying to help you.

Could you screenshot what you’re seeing? Also as others said, logs would be great.

Here is a photo of the logs and the screen i'm saying.(note the loading in the top right, doesn't progress past it.)

I would like to +1 this. I'm seeing the same behavior. If I need to post in another spot, can I ask for a point in the right direction. To clarify, HPM works to install and match up apps etc. but specifically uninstall and repair do not work. Clicking either button puts a loading circle in the upper right corner of the screen but no other changes. The log currently only reads " 2021-05-05 10:36:21.299 am debugprefPkgUninstall" adn this has now been over 5 minutes that it's been hanging. I can try to get any additional information if someone needs it to assist. Thanks.

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