Hubitat Overload Notifications

In the last 3 days my (main) hub got overloaded twice and was mostly inaccessible. I have no idea what is causing it as the log files show nothing. When it gets to this overload state I can't get to the Device nor App Stats. It takes a lot of patients jsut to get to the Settings/Reboot option. So far, ater the reboot I am good to go for 1+ days. What I do not know is if this overloading gradualy occurs over a long period of time or if this is caused by an event that just occurred before this overload. I suspect the latter as I have not noticed a gradual degration of resources.

My questions are , can I get get past device/app stats previous to the most recent reboot? If my hub degrades over time, can I receive notifications/texts at certain intervals? (i.e Hub is running at 40% 50, 60% etc )

Without getting access at the stats I dont know how I can track down what is causing this "lockup"

Couple ways of monitoring this:

  1. A rule that runs http//yourHubIP:8080/hub/advanced/freeOSMemory on regular basis and looks at the CPU 5 min Avg value returned (CPU5Min/4*100 will give you an approximate CPU %)
  2. A Rule that monitors The Hub Information Driver cpuPct and triggers on the thresholds selected
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Here is what I have.


I use @thebearmay's hub info driver and feed the data to hubigraphs to get these. FYI spikes in CPU and available memory are just reboots as I apply the latest releases.

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As I am reading this thread I am getting
Hub load is elevated.

Just installed hub info driver.
I checked apps/devices but there is nothing unusual. There are a few errors in the log for hubinfo device. Think I need to read up on this package first.

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