Hubitat or SmartThings for my gear?

Hey folks,

Was going for SmartThings but Hubitat landed in my lap and would like some thoughts from the pros before making a call. I'm a former Wink user (bleh) and here is a list of gear I use/plan to add:

  • Ring doorbell & floodlight
  • Lutron Caseta dimmers & Pro hub
  • Upcoming August WiFi lock
  • Sonos audio
  • Stelpro ZWave baseboard heater thermostats (I got 3 & 1 built-in a unit)

The one thing I this list which I see a potentially problematic is Ring. Looks like Hubitat is not supporting Ring natively and due to potential miscreants in our area I want to hold on to this stuff.

What's the secret sauce to get Ring & Hubitat to play together? IFTTT? Voodoo doll?

The idea of a local non-cloud hub is very interesting to me and the flexibility of Hubitat is quite appealing.


I use the 'Unofficial Ring Connect' App.
I have a doorbell and floodlight and it does work well.

BTW, welcome to the community. Have fun..............

Ring - either unofficial or use HE Amazon Alexa skill and a virtual switch.
Lutron - System app. works amazingly well.
August WIFI - dunno
Sonos Audio - works but haven't used it enough to comment.
Stelpro - haven't used.

Hubitat’s Lutron integration is much better than ST’s. Hubitat integrates with the Lutron SmartBridge Pro via Telnet over the LAN. ST uses a Cloud 2 Cloud integration. Hubitat supports Caseta Switches, Dimmers, Fan Controllers, Shades, and Pico remotes. ST does not support Caseta fan controllers or Pico remotes.

Hubitat also supports integration with Lutron Radio RA2


That is enough to leave ST again right there, no Pico support! How dare they!! :triumph:

This might be an issue. HE does not support Wi-Fi devices get a Z-wave or Zigbee version

and welcome!

Thanks all! Getting the Z-Wave August - good call!

So Hubitat not controlling Pico's well, I got the Caseta Hub Pro so it does not matter much I guess.

How "wife-friendly" is Hubitat? Deal-breaker here.

So Hubitat not controlling Pico's well, I got the Caseta Hub Pro so it does not matter much I guess.


Works really well for me... or did you mean Smart Things?

edit: for my wife - as long as it's unobtrusive and simple all good. She is my gauge with these things which is awesome. Helps me make sane recommendations to my residential clients.

Yes ST! :slight_smile: need more coffee.

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How so? My hub doesn't make her dinner or anything, so I can't say she much cares for it up front.

She does enjoy motion activate bathroom lighting, closet lighting via contact, washers done announcements, package delivery notification, locks/garage door automation on presence......and much more.

Oh and let's not forget the fact that everything works ALL THE TIME!!

So she might not know it, but she loves HE!!

FYI if you want/use dashboards check out smartly. That was the final thing I need to leave ST.


Thanks! Appreciate it. My guts tells me Hubitat right now :slight_smile:

I appreciate the way you worded it - we got two awesome couches in this house so until everything works perfectly I'll keep a pillow handy :innocent: :grin:

Think my mind is made up - thanks folks - going Hubitat. They are expecting units in about 3 weeks. Also Ring integration is on their radar but no date. Now I want that new toy even more.

Hi all / got the Hubitat and I gotta shamefullly admit I think I'm in a bit over my head geekhood-wise.

Also compatibility is iffish it seems, I may need to throw in a SmartThings on the network and try both side-by-side.

Is ST quick to process commands? One of the reasons I like Hubitat is its on-lan no cloud approach and ST is.. cloud. Thoughts?

You probably know that ST has been going offline repeatedly in the past few weeks. My SmartThings hub, which I bought in May when Wink started its implosion, went offline yet again this morning. I switched to Hubitat after 2 weeks on ST when ST started its dumpster fire. I now only use my SmartThings hub to update Zigbee firmware. Everything works fine and fast for me on Hubitat. Your experience may differ.

Many people use Hub Connect (user app) to link ST and Hubitat, enabling each hub to control devices on the other.

Well if you are having trouble feel free to post the issues/questions. This community is really responsive and there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here. There are a lot of community devices/apps that greatly augment existing HE capabilities.

Just be warned that sometimes posts can get lost due to all the increased activity so you might have to repost or join in another thread. It's not personal though even if it feels that way sometimes - in my experience.

Also as you may be aware HE is in the middle of a new hub release so is experiencing some teething issues with the firmware etc. These will be sorted out but there are likely issues with pairing/stability etc. Keep checking the forums for updates.

  1. Thanks for all your help & offer to help!

  2. Since I own the HE I'll keep it but thinking using the SmartThings in parallel and if I don't like it, well, Amazon's got a good return policy :slight_smile: - and if I can link both, heck. more toys = good no?

  3. Those outages are indeed annoying indeed - will keep an eye out on forums

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Good to hold on to the ST hub for firmware updates for some devices maybe until such times as it's not.

Link the 2 systems via the community "Hub Connect" app (more capabilities than the system one) - not sure how long it will last though given ST's sunsetting of various developer things.

You mean the HE not the ST :slight_smile: Worst case scenario I'll eBay it if I end up liking ST more (which is unlikely as Samsung has the habit of making good things into bad ones). The ST hub will ship in September, they're sold out right now.

Nope hub connect works with both!!!

Or to clarify the HE community developed app that links both HE and ST - there is an ST component of HC as well.

edit: sigh so reread your post.. apologies. I meant keep the ST hub for firmware updates for devices where you can't do it for HE. All under the assumption that you would keep the HE hub ... which you would do right?? RIGHT??? :wink:

There’s a typo in your post, I think you meant to say “years” instead of “weeks” :wink:.