Hubitat on old Android devices

When I access my hubitat device locally from an old Samsung Android tablet (android version4.0.4) it does not display properly. What do I need to do for this to work. I am looking to set up my old tablet as a system keypad.

Can you:

  1. Access Dashboards using the Chrome browser on your tablet (assuming it supports Chrome)?, or
  2. Root your tablet, and install a newer Android version?
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Chrome is not an option in the play store. I have rooted the tablet before but it intstalls the same version.

Firefox may work on older versions of Android. Give that a try.

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What specific tablet do you have?

I'm sure I read somewhere that it needs at least Android 4.1, although I can't remember where I saw it. I'm having a similar issue with Windows RT :frowning:

I believe that Webview changed between Android 4 and 5 with regards to Chrome and the Hubitat website uses the newer technology. If you try to open a Hubitat Dashboard on a 4.4 Android, you will get a black screen. Same thing happens if you try to use the Fully Kiosk. I ended up having to use Firefox on my 2 old tablets that have Android 4.4 to use Hubitat dashboards.


Yea. I think even Firefox needs at least Android 4.1+ and possibly 4.4

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So what's a good tablet to run in full kiosk at a reasonable price?

Amazon tablets are reasonably inexpensive and should be available in the UK.

go to xdadevelopers and see if someone has posted a newer android version for your tablet