Hubitat on a boat

On Hubitat Live from 10-27-2022 @Pete asked about using Hubitat on a boat and seemed interested by this use. He went on to ask for more feedback about this so here goes.

I first found smart hubs when looking for a solution to remotely monitor for water in the hull of my boat.

By using multiple leak detectors and HU I am able to rest knowing she is floating dry.

Keep in mind this is an enclosed 2 story vessel with multiple rooms, generators and many other systems found in a house.

With local processing all the rules work while the vessel is underway and an internet connection is not available.

Things like turning on and dimming passage lights to activating fans when compartments get too hot or humid make life easier while piloting the vessel. Most of these happen automatically.

Monitoring the temperature and controlling thermostats while you are away from the boat are valuable tools. All the things you do for your house and more.

Safety is the main concern over all. Conveniently controlling things make the boat safer. Having Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors paired to the hub to alert the crew of an issue while automatically turning on lights, controlling exhaust fans and shutting down climate control systems could save a life.

There are expensive proprietary products on the market that are designed just for the purpose of remotely monitoring boats and their systems. HU can do most of what they can and more with a little creativity and engineering.

I have recommended it to some fellow technically skilled boaters who are also using it.

Does anyone else have one their boat?


No, but I have one in my motorhome. Currently it is for lighting and heat, but I am always looking for other ways to automate things.

I sold my boat a couple years ago to focus all of my spare time on home automation. (Kidding not really kidding.)

DO you find that sensors hold up ok in the marine environment? For instance, do water sensors work OK in salt water? Or are you using something like a Zooz relay and a traditional float switch?

I have a smaller 27 foot cruiser with a few sensors on board that are only connected to Hubitat when the boat is at our home dock and unattended. Most are for safety and monitoring, I have a few water leak detectors in the bilge in case a bilge pump stops working, I recently added a Shelly UNI that monitors the house and engine batteries, there is also a shore power relay that lets me know if that is disconnected. I have a hard wired Samsung arrival sensor that turns up dock lights and other backyard lighting when we arrive home and it's dark out.

Next summer I'll add a few temp probes and a way to remotely start the AC to cool down the cabin before leaving on hot days.

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I use this stuff been working great for years. You could drop the sensors or whatever in the saltwater they're still going to work. Pretty amazing stuff.


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