Hubitat not displaying life360 presence correct

In my dashboard 3 of the 3 presence sensors are home but only 1 says it is. Why is it not displaying the correct presence? I am using the life360 app...

I had same problem I have a repeating rule to refresh my account.

I have life 360 on two phones in my setup. It works flawless every time to the point that I can count on a door lock being unlocked everytime I return home. I've read where others don't experience the same performance. I've wondered if this performance is based on having Drive Detection turned on in the app. I have this turned on on my wife's iphone app and my Android app.

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Same experience here, including driving detection.

Same here, although I refresh @ 5 minute intervals.

Without that I would get frequent presence out of sync issues in HE. And yes, I have drive detection turned on.

When out of sync I would see the correct status in Life360, but not in HE - like the update from Life360 to HE got lost in the wind (or didn't happen at all).

I had to do the exact same thing in SmartThings, too - for what that's worth. Also persisted across 5-6 phone models/makes (4 phones, and we change yearly - so a lot of makes/models come through my house).

For me, Life360 is pretty reliable now. I have refreshing rule to refresh twice a day and I usually go into the HE life360 smartapp and hit done whenever I reboot my HE hub or after an upgrade.

Would you mind providing detailed instructions on how you created this rule?

The further discussion about it is here: How do I delay the arm feature and delay the siren?

Hi, after a bit of help. I've setup a rule in RM to open my garage door when my presence is detected by Life360. I had an issue with the door opening again after I left the house, which I made some changes & I think I fixed. I drove around the block, I called my wife the door didn't open, returned home, after a delay that was a little longer than I had setup, the door opened.
I then thought I'd make sure it, so I shut the door, did another lap around the block, I think I took the same amount of time, I got home the door didn't open? I waited & waited, didn't open.
I had a look in Hubitat, Life360 said I wasn't at home. I refreshed, did everything I could think of to refresh. I checked the Life360 app, which said I was at Home. Nothing I did would change Hubitat to also say I was at home.
I have a Life360 refresh already setup.
Eventually I went to the 'Devices' opened the 'Greg' Virtual Presence, it showed I was away. I clicked on the 'Arrived' button. Then after about 15 seconds, which is the dealy I set, the Garage Door opened.
What can I do to stop this occurring, sometimes I (or my wife) will drive down the street then remember something & return. What setting can I make to stop the app confusing itself & having to be reset manually??

you could add a SmartThings arrival sensor to your cars or key chain
you could create another presence device for each of your phones (also works on Android)

Question regarding Life360 Refresh:

I have just put in the RM refresh every 15 minutes.
How do I know if I'm overloading my Hub?
Are there are utilities, metrics, or other markers that I should be looking at to tell me if this is too often a refresh?
How do I know if I'm flooding my Hub unnecessarily?