How do I delay the arm feature and delay the siren?

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A couple of questions:

How do I delay the arm feature so it gives me enough time to get out of the house and lock it?

How do I delay the siren when coming into the house from the outside when the alarm system is armed?

I think you're going to have to provide a bit more information when asking for assistance.
This forums full of helpful folks but I've seen no evidence of Mind Reading abilities :slight_smile:

What arm feature ?
How are you intending to lock your house ?

e.g. Using Presence Sensing could achieve auto arming and disarming without needing to worry about delays but it may not be appropriate for you.

The more info you provide the more assistance can be offered. :+1:

Here's the HSM doc

But specifically, in HSM you choose "Configure Arming/Disarming/Cancel Options"

Then set the delays you want

Thank you guys. Sorry I wasn't too specific. I am using Konnected for my alarm system, so I meant to say arming that alarm system. I forgot to mention that.

I see what I am doing wrong now, I am controlling the sirens with the Rule Machine and not using HSM. I will try it tonight. I am also interested to automatically arm the alarm system once the motion sensors no not detect movement for about 30 minutes or so.

Use RM for that. You can have your rule set the HSM state. However, I don't personally think that's going to work out too well. Don't you ever sit watching TV for 30 minutes without getting up? Your system will constantly be arming itself when you don't want it to. Better to use location for automatic arming.

Hi, You need to setup a Life360 account, add all the tenants in the house. Then link the Life360 account to Hubitat.
Then use IFTTT to change the mode in Hubitat to the mode you use to arm HSM, then the same to disarm. Since setting up IFTTT I found there is a spot in Hubitat to control Life360 events, I haven't tested to see if that works better than IFTTT

Pretty cool, I've read about it but never tried it yet. I will soon. I was planning to try the Nest location since I have a few nest devices but found them to be inaccurate or ran into delays most of the time. What is your experience with Nest for location?

In HE, each Life360 "device" in your circle is created as a virtual presence device. So far, with Life360 on my phone, it's been very accurate. IFTTT isn't needed at all in this instance. The only thing I would recommend is creating a rule in RM to refresh the Life360 connector every 12-24 hours.

Awesome. I will try this tonight. Thanks for the info.

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How do I create a rule in BM to do this. I'm not a programer so this is new to me? What are the inputs I need to make?

Create a trigger like this. I have mine set at every 12 hours. For the action, the Life360 Refresh device is actually a virtual button, so just "push" button 1.

Where is the virtual button 1 defined?

It's not. The button is the Life360 Refresh device. It gets created when you setup your Life360 account in HE.

Gotcha, thanks a lot. Life360 seems to be working now.

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Hi, I just added this, took a little time as I had no idea what to do. There was a slight difference in a few spots, the main was that the Push Button - Said "Push Button null on Life360 refresh" instead of "Push Button 1 on Life360 refresh"
I can't see how to alter this?

In Select Actions > Control switches, buttons ... Find the Assign Buttons section. When you choose the Life360 Refresh, it should pop up the > Button number?* selector. Sometimes, it takes a second to show up though.

Does anyone know if this life360 refresh rule STILL needs to be added? I just started using Life360 for geofencing to turn off my Hubitat alarm and I noticed the last update in this conversation was March 14th. Much appreciated!