Hubitat Noob advice - network

About to fire up my new hub. New to Hubitat but not new to rebuilding my infrastructure after I selected a new platform. I did look online but couldn't find infrastructure advice.

I would LOVE to get it right the first time this time...

What are the tips and tricks. I am currently 99% wifi cloud based (thus Hubitat). Help me get started. Reserved IPs for all my devices? Should I build my z-wave network on smart switches or just opportunistically located devices?

Any planning help appreciated...

The hub doesn't require a static/reserved address if you're going to have a small system. If you are going to add on, say a Hue hub or Lutron, the communications will need to be predictable and reserved addressing simplifies that.

Supported products like Lifx and both Hue and Lutron use LAN connections. The majority of LAN/WiFi products have proprietary interfaces and thus writing drivers to control them is either impossible or limited to a cloud based API.

You're welcome to post a list of the products you are using or plan to use and this Community will help you find a best path.


Even though I came from another zwave / zigbee platform I found these articles very helpful... ,y personal preference is Ring 2 extenders - they're zwave repeaters with battery backup, so they will continue to route during a power event and they can be used to tell if the power is out. Of course, there's no guarantee that your zwave network will choose to actually route through them!

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Thanks. To clarify I was wondering if I should DHCP reserve IPs for my devices.

Perfect. These were the kind of docs I was looking for. Thanks!

I find it easier to do so, yes. Especially my hubs.

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@brdoddsjr Read the following thread. It may help you avoid some pitfalls and give you some rules of thumb...


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