Hubitat Node now on Node Red

It looks like a Hubitat node pallet just became available on Node Red to perform Hubitat commands. Has anyone started playing with it?


Going to tinker with this. I just started the process of packaging up the nodes I find myself re-using and learning Node-RED's package architecture, so this could be a nice time saver.

Good stuff, I just moved all my Google Chromecast devices over to Node Red and its been great. I am running Node Red in a docker container on a Rpi4 and it runs well.

Do you plan to do all the automation under node red instead of Hubitat ?

That's what I've been moving to. Partly to get better with Node-RED, partly to remove any custom code from my hub to figure out why I have to reboot it every few days.

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Yes, work very nice for me :slight_smile:

Hello, I'm the maintainer of the project
It is a funny project on which I'm learning a lot about. I plan to add more documentation and create a dedicated post on this forum in the next few days.
Also, the next version will include a new node to keep state (with webhook) of a device :smile:


Can somebody give me the dumb down version of what node red is.

From what I understand it bridges different platforms together.

I look forward to looking into this a lot more thoroughly when I get some time.

I made a set of Hubitat socket and MakerAPI node-red nodes too... I just never publicly published them as I don't want to be the maintainer long term.

I'm hoping yours are coded better than mine (I'm not a professional coder) so I can abandon my set. Lol.

Check, there is lot of resources. You can do lot of stuff with it. Personally i used it with my hubitat and my phone system to interact with my lights or other funny stuff. This module simplify a lot the interaction with node-red and hubitat.

I confirm, @fblackburn is a really professional developer :wink:

Youtube also has alot of content explaining nodered.

Kind of an off-the-rails-kinda-question:

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero running just Pi-Hole, anyone think it would be a problem to run Node-Red on there as well?

I've been intrigued by Node-Red but wasn't sure of my resources available

Just not a Javascript one :laughing:

@JasonJoel Yeah the problem being a professional coder is that we don't always want to continue coding after work :stuck_out_tongue: . For now I jut want to make generic nodes stable to have fun playing with :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness!, how can I miss this thread! been looking at another one that incorporate mariadb and grafana to get the websocket off hubitat. Didn't go too well with that so far!. so happy I stumbled upon this. will have a tinker now!
anyone has any luck with this yet?

Go check out the thread by the Node Pallet creator:

I unfortunately jumped the gun on my excitement and posted before he did.

Thanks @stephen_nutt, I've managed to get it working with some simple commands like turning on and off stuff so far.

How hard would it be to modify the command node to allow the command to be specified by a previous node's msg.payload or similar? Or, would it require an entirely new node? I know it can be done w/ an http request to Maker API but just curious if it's a possibility.

The new version supports that. This thread probably needs to die, in favor of the official support thread.

You are right. I meant to post in that one. Sorry.

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