Hubitat no longer controlling Zwave devices

About a week ago, I noticed that my Zwave devices are not being controlled correctly, either through automated routines or direct dashboard control. I've tried updated the database with one from a couple weeks ago (no changes to configuration between the two), rebooted - nothing seems to work. Initially the status shows correctly in my dashboard, but when trying to control the device all I see is the hour glass and the device does not change states. When I manually control a device or switch, I see the status change in the dashboard but when I try to change that state within the dashboard nothing happens. Does anyone have thoughts as to what might be going wrong?

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  1. Shutdown from the Settings page
  2. Remove power from the hub
  3. Wait 30 seconds
  4. Power the hub back up again

I tried it and still have the same issue for about a week now. coming home to no outdoor lights is a pain. I even rebuilt the automation and that didn't help.

Come to think of it I have been having issues for about a week also, but I also had a couple of ghosts and other issues. finally got all that cleared up yesterday, so we'll see if it settles down. Until now my Zwave has been incredibly reliable.

@user6892, have you tried the solution proposed by @aaiyar? Did it work?

@hey68joe, as @lcw731 alludes to, ghosts can be a problem. Ghosts are Z-Wave devices that haven’t paired properly and cause the mesh to not properly propagate data packets, resulting in unresponsive devices.

Typically, ghosts get created when devices are paired but the pairing is first unsuccessful. After one or more re-tries, the pairing works and the device gets recreated, but the unsuccessful pairing(s) remain.

The Settings -> Z-Wave Details screen will show those devices that haven’t paired properly. The next step would be for you to take screenshots showing the complete table and posting those here. There are many users on the community that can help with debugging this.


The shutdown/repower suggestion seems to have worked in my case. I now have full control over all devices in both the dashboard and through echo voice command. Since the configuration had not changed from the time it was originally working a week ago until now, I am not sure about the ghosted pairing comment applying in my case. It would be interesting to learn how the hub handles that series of steps differently compared to simply removing power for 30 seconds (which did not work for me). Either way, I am just grateful to have things working again. Thanks to all for your suggestions!