Hubitat Modes and Lovelace dashboard

For those using home assistant and Lovelace dashboards, how are you showing the hubitat modes?

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I’ve been thinking more about this and I think I’m Going to setup a switch for each mode and turn them in and off when modes change. The use one of the conditional cards to only show the switch/mode that is current.

I’m Open to better ideas if anyone an think of one.

Maybe theres an option using input_select?

I'm using Blue Iris to do this. To start I set my Blue Iris profiles to mirror my Hubitat modes. I then used HA's Blue Iris integration and @bptworld's BI Control to establish a two way communication between HA and Hubitat. In my lovelace dashboard I'm using a glance card to display the BI profile entities that were created in the HA BI integration,

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 9.03.35 AM

With this I am not only able to see the current set mode, but manually change it if I need to. I'm not sure this is a better idea, but it does work.