Hubitat mobile app and two phones


Extending into the world of presence detection and having a crisis of stupidity?!!

Loaded the mobile app on my phone, changed the phone name and signed in with my portal email address. Few minutes later pop's up as a device which i expected ..... all good!

Then install the app on wife's phone, change phone name and log into same portal account.

We end up seeing only one phone at a time in the geofence and the devices come and go, only one instance at a time, either mine or my wife's???

Checked the app debug and the "Mobile App Device ID" is the same on both phones ..... what the hell am I doing wrong?



yeah I had the same issue - you need to set her up as a different user (different email login)

I'm not exactly sure what you mean is happening, but when you sign into the app for the first time and choose your hub, it should ask if you want to reuse an existing mobile app device on the hub or create a new one. In your situation, I'd choose to create a new one. Do you remember doing that?

(I see the post above about a different user--can't hurt, but all of my devices seem fine with my same account, except I only use one for presence so don't know what would happen if I tried more. Seems like it should work...notifications definitely do.)

Thanks guy's am trying Berts first (uninstalled and reinstalled) and can see the set up option. At work now so can't play til i get home. Many thanks for the fast help, love this community.

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You don't really have to clear data or reinstall it to do that actually. If yo go to settings > press on the line "hub" > register at hub again.

I don't know if this is really necessary. Theoretically it should work with the same credentials.

it does, but he wants separate ones so that the hub sees 2 phones. Currently it only sees the last one logged in.

I have two (actually more)devices on the same account. Each appears with its own presence and notification capabilities, unless you choose to reuse the existing hub device when setting up the new mobile device. I don't see where the second account would be needed.

frits ...... Definitely a Pro tip!

We need some "pinned" topics for these kinds of things given there isn't a set of how toos

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As @stevebott123 said, you can add a new account for your wife on the portal then login to the portal with your email add the new account to your hub (My Hubs) and choose if she should be an admin or not (this really only affects if she can add/delete users). Then logging in to the app on her device with that new account will keep the two Geofencing accounts separate for presence use.

But geofencing is tied to the "Mobile App Device" (device type) device on the hub, not the account that any of the devices happen to have used to log in to the app. Creating a second account for a different person is probably a good idea in the long run, but I don't see how it will solve the problem here. (As a departure from my previous comments, I turned location services on for the Hubitat app on my iPad. It's always been on for my iPhone. One does not affect the other; each shows its own presence attribute according to the device's geolocation. The account is the only account I have, mine, on both.)