Hubitat Mobile Android App on Tablet not showing up as a device

Hi All,

I cannot, for the life of me, get my Android Tablet running Hubitat Mobile to show up as a device in Hubitat.

The tablet has it's own unique email address, I've added that email address in Hubitat Portal, logged in on the tablet and I can see all my dashboards and everything but the device isn't listed as a device nor is it listed as an option to send notifications to. I've logged out of the app on the tablet, revoked access from Hubitat Portal and nothing gets it to show up.

Any ideas? Is it because it's a tablet and not a phone, that it's not working right?

I previously added 2 seperate Android phones successfully so I'm pretty sure it's not user error.

I had the same issue but then I was trying to use the same email as my phone and it messed everything up. But I assumed it would have worked if I used a separate email, obviously not.

Yeah I've tried with both the same email as my phone and a separate made just for the tablet. Neither work.

I also have issues adding a new mobile device, I'm just getting an error when trying to add a new device

I just created a new device on my android tablet using the same email address that I used on my phone. I think clicked "create new device" and a new device showed up on my list. You can use a separate email also but the email address has to be authorized on your hub or it won't work. Go to and add the email address from your tablet to the list of authorized users.

I wonder if there is an issue related to the version of os the tablet is running then because I was not prompted to create a new device and when I used a unique email address to the tablet, I first authorized that email address in the portal. No prompt to create a new device when I used the same email address as my other phone device either. In the debug log it says "Hubitat Hub: nil" in both cases, yet I can see my dashboards...

Just got an email from support:

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, only phones are supported as devices at this time, but I have forwarded your message to our developers for future consideration.

I have a Galaxy Tab A tablet that was recognized. I put it on there in August. I don't know what android version it is running.

I got my Lenovo to show up by turning on geo fencing and selecting the hub.

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I am glad that you were able to add your Lenovo.

A lot has changed or improved since this thread was started back in 2019. Flash forward 5 years, and much of the information above is very out of date.

@bobbyD this probably should be closed due to outdated information.

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