Hubitat making a lot of DNS queries to

Hi, long time user of Hubitat along with SharpTools. I've recently deployed Pi-hole in my network and have noticed my Hubitat is making many DNS queries to every second.

Is this normal behavior? If so, it's the largest amount of queries for one server on my network(close to 5000 per day). Thanks.

That may not be Hubitat itself. It might be the SharpTools integration.

If you have dashboards or rules setup in, then that would make sense to me.

Do you have energy meters or a devices with power monitoring capabilities? If so, those devices can be really chatty which would explain the high event count.


I do have energy meters. I can understand the chattiness of these devices, however all of these requests are DNS queries. It seems like the hubitat is not caching that address. Does it normally do a DNS request every second?

That's a fair point. I can't speak to DNS caching on the hub, but maybe @mike.maxwell or one of the other Hubitat team members could?

What platform version are you running?

Is this related to this thread? Many DNS Queries from new Hub

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