Hubitat losing connection to internet

Hi, hubitat can you help me look at logs (which i am not sure how to get to) and figure out qhat is causing my hubitat to lose connection to internet when it is directly wired into router and router has internet. even if not internet shoukd work kocally but is not. no response at times.

Welcome, there’s a lot of really helpful information in the hub documentation, you may find this article particularly relevant:


thanks, do you know of a phone number to contact support dirctly?

Do you have devices on your network that use jumbo frames? Turn jumbo frames off.

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There is no phone support.

You can read up on how to use the hub, and basic troubleshooting, from the link I posted above.

And you’re always welcome to ask questions here in the online forum.

That’s how support to users is provided, mostly by other community members, sometimes by staff.


okay, thank you. i will do some reading and research and follow up here when complete to hopefully get some help.


Welcome to the Hubitat community!

Maybe it would help if you could describe the brand of the router, and your network layout in general.

Also, please take a screenshot of your settings in the Network Setup, section of Hubitat, which you can find in the Settings tab. Open up all these hidden settings so we can see your setup. Multiple screenshots are fine if you can't get it into one picture.

You probably can't post screenshots due to being new, but if you join the owner group, that will give you permission to do so. Link to join owner group :arrow_right: Hubitat

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