Hubitat locking up

Same here. I've been resetting and updating for the last week or so. It just froze today as well. Ive been running latest firmwares.

Weird that this is only happening to one of my two hubs. Also, it seemed pretty stable for awhile and to note, a new update was pushed out a couple days ago...

Piling on. On 2/8 (at or about 7pm Mountain Time), my hub became unresponsive.
C7 and I have been applying each firmware update within 24 hours of notification.

At first, I noticed a light that failed to turn off after a 15 second delay. Then several motion-based automations did not trigger. I cycled power at the plug and all has been good since, but it has only been 36 hours.

another random lockup @ ~11pm on 2/10
did not know there was any issue until morning automations didnt fire

@gopher.ny any way you can look into my logs to give me some hints as to what may be going on? ive done soft resets, ive done fw upgrades, ive disabled most everything that is not required for day-to-day....very frustrating that the unit goes 30+ hours then just craps out

Doesn't seem to make a difference. This behavior is new to 2.2.5, right?

+1 to this issue. I started documenting mine in this post:

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You can follow the memory to see if that is an issue.. here is my C-5. I am not having hub lockups (yet) and am only running the Zigbee service on this hub.


Note: I did this quick and dirty in LibreOffice Calc. You can see a slow increase in total JVM memory and a slightly larger decrease in free memory over the time span. It does look to be flattening out a little though. Also the blip at the beginning was likely a reboot.

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I have no hub lockups on either of my C-5 hubs.

This one is zigbee and virtual devices only:

Free OS, Total JVM and Free JVM (1)

This one is zigbee & zwave:

Free OS, Total JVM and Free JVM

They were both last rebooted on 2/5/2021. Both are running

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New user from the latest W**k Exodus. I've been digging in familiarizing myself with the system and really am amazed by it. Have had similar "lockups" recently. I can access port 8081 and reboot, but it seems the lockups are coming more frequently. I'm following this conversation for any updates. I'm running hardware Rev C-7 - HE Version .

My lockup is only occurring every 12-14 days which is livable, but interesting that the second hub doesn't mimic the first in that it has never locked up. I all of my zigbee lights on the one that is locking up.

That is interesting.. I have a C-5 with the same setup (but no RM stuff). As I mentioned there does appear to be a decrease in available memory after only 4 days but things seems to be flattening out a bit.. (see my prior post). Will keep an eye out and report back.

edit: am on the latest firmware:

"+ 1" to random lockups/issues, usually noticed when automations stop firing and/or Z-Wave stops responding to commands. C7 HE running

I was having issues on 2.2.4, it seems without a ton of diagnostics that the Z-Wave side just hangs up. A pretty basic setup. Running Webcore and Tonesto's Homebridge.

Mesh has been solid for years prior to migrating from ST to HE.

Memory trends from the last reboot just to share.

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another lockup today -- was running from 2/14/21 @ 7:16am until ~9:42am today (2/16)

@gopher.ny I just rebooted after wife complained of not being able to turn lights on
I will try the backup & immediate restore that you mentioned by DM, but any insights??

Another weirdness I am noticing (2nd time ive seen this) is system events happening in the future:

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+1 to this issue with my hubitat as well. Never had lockup issues but ever since updating to latest firmware it seems to be nightly. I have to unplug/power cycle to get it back up.

Hub Information

Platform Version:


Hardware Version:

Rev C-5

Hub ID:


IP Address:


Diagnostic Tool Version:


Please revert back to 2.2.4 if the hub keeps locking up on 2.2.5. There are changes in the upcoming 2.2.6 that will hopefully address the issue, but there's no point in having an unstable system in the meantime. If you no longer have 2.2.4 as one of the options to revert to, use endpoint http://your.hubs.ip.address/hub/advanced/download224 to force the download. The endpoint has no UI, so it will "hang" for a minute or two before returning a simple success/failure message.

thanks for the insight gopher.ny. I am a bit confused with this suggestion since in the beginning of the thread, I was running 2.2.4. I know most of the people that have joined in this thread are having issues much more than I am, since mine is happening once every 10-14 days, but I don't think I should go backward because it was happening on 2.2.4 also. I will wait and see what happens when the next release comes out. Hope that doesn't come across snide, I appreciate the work being done to stabilize the system, I just think maybe these people are seeing a separate issue than what I am seeing and what the start of the thread was about.

Can anyone confirm if 2.2.4 is more stable than recent updates? It seems to me ever since updating earlier this year there's been daily lockups of my C-5. Even a z-wave reset and soft-reset followed by a rebuild from scratch locks up the first night for me.

I'll roll back to 2.2.4 if so, but that'll take another weekend of re-adding everything.

Not for my C-7 or my C-5 - there's no issue with stability, and I've only needed to reboot for platform updates going back to over a year. I know that all of these are just anecdotal points, but if there was widespread instability associated with recent updates, we'd have a large number of community users indicating that.


Probably my device then, will see what support says I opened a case.

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