Hubitat & Konnected reporting issue- rule needed

I've used Konnected with Hubitat with no issues UNTIL TODAY. I realized Konnected lost wifi connection by noticing the blinking blue light on Konnected panel, yet no logs reported any issues in Hubitat and even when I armed HSM no red flags appeared. All sensors just show closed as if no issue. Yet if i open a door or window my dashboard doesnt report a change in the sensor. Once I reconnected Konnected to my Wi-Fi, Hubitat reported correctly. My Wifi was fine. I do use Bryans Web pinger app to inform me if wifi is down but need either a rule or app that would tell me of an issue with Konnected talking to Hubitat. Is a rule possible to inform me of this? Konnected only appears in the app section and nothing under devices. Now I really dont have any faith in HSM. Thank goodness I kept my old Honeywell Ademco Vista system intact and just added Konnected as an addon. Appreciate any help.

You might be able to use this to check if it is still connected to your wifi.

Thank you very much. The app seems exactly what I need! I've located the Konnected end point url in the app section, but when I enter it into my browser to check it, it comes as Invalid token.Guess I'll just play around with it.

Many thanks again!