Hubitat is super stable now

Hey all, just wanted to say that I've been running on my C7 for a few weeks now and haven't had a single out-of-memory error which used to plague me every few days. HomeKit integration for all my Z-Wave stuff is humming along nicely. Kudos to the dev team.


I typically wait a week or two before I update to let the bugs get worked out. On 2.3.6 the C7 hub would be down to about 80Mb in less than two days. I’ve been running 2.3.7 for about four days now and memory is still ok.

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A Fix for your stability is coming out in a future release, I'm sure. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I'm sure as a Community we could step in and provide that solution .. :slightly_smiling_face: