Hubitat in South Africa

Hi Guysz
I'm considering moving over from Smartthings. (Partly to become independent of the internet, but mainly due to the way the Smartthings (lack of) Support has gone.)
I was surprised to see that the Hubitat hub ships to just about every country, apart from South Africa.
Anyone else using the Hub in South Africa and if so, where did you buy it. (We're on the same Z-wave frequency as Europe and the UK)

Tagging @bravenel from Hubitat as he usually helps out with these questions.

You can buy it on I will add South Africa to the list of countries that we can ship to. I think you would want our Europe version. The only difference between the Europe and UK versions is the power adapter. Am I correct that in South Africa you use a 2 pin 220V plug, same as Europe?

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That would be great. Yes, were on 220V and the 2 pin plug would work!
Thanks very much for you response.

For any Saffers with Hubitat, especially those who battle to find Zigbee & Z-Wave devices locally...
Note that Communica is now stocking Fibaro. Z-wave frequency is incorrectly listed on a few things, but probably just wrongly copied from US documentation.

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Hey @RyanF
would be good to see how many South Africans are running the Hubitat. I have had one running for just over 7 months now and I am really enjoying it.

I would like to start looking at my next project which is to automate 2 roller blinds, not to sure where to get this sort of thing, probably have to look at Banggood.

Hey @greglsh

Yep, enjoying my Hubitat as well. Should be a massive market for this in SA, hope it starts getting traction.

For your blinds, have a look at this:

Hi RyanF

Is the Fibaro not just the controller, you still need to get the motor etc. I have been looking a Zemismart but have just started down this road so no decisions as yet.

Yep @greglsh, you're right - Fibaro is just the controller. No experience with the actual motor system for the blinds, sorry.

U had good success with Banggood? Haven't used them before, but I want to get one of those usb to serial connectors from them to flash a sonoff switch.

Not sure where you based, but I got mine from a company called Mantech in Durban, they do have branches in JHB and Cpt. Maybe have a look there. I have ordered about 7 times from Banggood and have had good service every time. All my Sonoff light switches, TH sensors, POW switches are from Banggood.

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