Hubitat in Cuba

Hi to all.
I had been reading during 2 weeks on this forum and the truth is I'm falling in love with this HUB. Not just because of its features but for the great support I see here on this forum.

So my question to the support mainly is:

  • If I purchase the hub... Can I use it from Cuba? I mean updates, setup for first time, etc...
    Because of the embargo Cuba can't access to some webs and servers so I'm afraid to spend all that money and at the end be blocked.


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I am tagging @bravenel on your behalf as I am sure he or someone from the Hubitat staff will have a few questions for you in making the determination as to whether it will have full functionality in Cuba. I hope you are able to purchase a hub as this is a fantastic platform and keeps getting better every day!


You can use VPN in Cuba, I suggest preparing a router with VPN and "if" your HE gets blocked just turn on the VPN. Que bola

Thanks vjv, I know that but I just would like to know if this is neccesary.
To avoid vpn will be great.

No problem, lets wait for Bruce, maybe he has another customer in Cuba.

Due to the still-in-effect trade embargo, we may not sell our product to anyone in Cuba without a license from the US government and also with permission of the Cuban government. It is beyond our capability at this time to obtain a license. Were you to acquire our hub from some other source, such as purchase in the United States, it might work there. If you can access the URL below, the hub should be able to be registered and get updates.

If you can connect, you would get this message back:

{"message":"Missing Authentication Token"}


Thanks bravenel...understood

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Just to let other know...
Using my browser I got that message so I guess I can connect to it with the Hub.


Welcome Cuba !!! It's nice to see a resident having internet access !!

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Hi [sgrayban] thanks for the Welcome.. happy to share my experiences with all of you.
I was out for somedays but now I'm back.

Yes I have internet access from home using the "Nauta Hogar" a connection not too fast but at least something (2Mbps).