Hubitat hub with philips hue hub

Don’t forget power loss recovery, which is why only Hue reside in the bedrooms of our home. Also the fact that even the not so reliable Hue button controllers, which do fall off the Hue mesh as well, but through some kind of programming magic, are seamlessly rejoined nearly instantly without user intervention. In the three years I’ve been using Hue lights, I have only had one light stop responding to commands, because it died.

A while ago now I bought a second HE hub in order to transfer my Hue setup (including rules) from my Hue bridge. There may be one or two contact sensors or Samsung buttons on the new HE hub, but apart from that it is only Hue bulbs and accessories. While it took some getting used to in terms of what apps / rule setup was best to use within the new HE, I am very happy with the result. Reading this and other recent threads I have toyed with the idea of moving the lights back to the Hue bridge, but I don't have any driving need to at this stage.

The thing I would throw into the mix of this conversation is that it may still pay to get a second HE hub to setup lighting rules, depending on your setup. I kept and still use my original C-4 hub for LAN-based integrations such as my weather station, air conditioner, Maker API -> InfluxDb outputs, etc. These can, at times, get a little bogged down in terms of resources on this hub, but they at least don't interfere with the performance of the C-7 running my lighting rules.