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Not sure if this has been requested before (I'd couldn't finding anything in the search)

It would be nice to have a built-in option within the Hubitat Hub software settings to allow you to set a static IP address for the HE hub itself.
I have seen this option for other smart home automation hubs and thought that this would not be too hard for the developers to implement in their next software/firmware update release.

Thanks in advance!


This has been requested several times previously. The general consensus has been that this best accomplished by configuring the DHCP server to assign a static IP address. Permitting static IP addresses to be set on the hub itself could result in an IP address conflict, and thereby potentially add to issues that are dealt with by

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Understood that is 1 way to do it, but l would prefer to have this as an option at the Hub level software and would be certainly easier for new user's to set up etc. I have seen this option on the Fibaro hubs in which it worked well. In my option, l think this would make the Hubitat hub more polished (more than what it is currently :))

As @aaiyar has mentioned, this has been requested by multiple users. I would not be surprised to see this in an upcoming version.


Thanks Sebastien - I will keep my fingers crossed

The biggest problem with this is that unless your entire network is static you run the risk of folks having to devices with duplicat ip's. They can't ensure that every person will know to adjust their DHCP range on the router. But telling folks to simply assign an ip in their router which handles the DHCP is far less prone to cause a issue.

If anything it should be on a advanced, dont do it this way unless you know exactly what you are doing menu.

IF this becomes a configuration option in HE (@bravenel I hope this feature is not included.), you will still have to go into your DHCP server (router) and tell it to not issue that address.

Those of us who work in enterprise IT have experienced the pain duplicate IP addresses can cause. They can be troublesome to identify because they can have transient symptoms, hence the instruction to manage that in your DHCP server. One source of truth. It really ain't that hard to do, and it makes sure your system doesn't throw up at the worst possible time.


Yup, the only way you can have the ability to self assign an ip is if there was a physical reset on the device to set it back to dhcp if something went wrong. And the last time I check, the hub does not have that. Maybe that magical button someone located through the bottom holes :wink:


Nearly every network device, enterprise or consumer, has the ability to configure the network stack and deploy to networks without DHCP. I don't think it will bring doomsday.

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No @tony.fleisher, but it can cause unnecessary problems.
:ambulance: :fire_engine: :police_car:

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I agree. I wouldn't recommend it, in this day and age, as the default. However, having it as an option doesn't seem unreasonable. :man_shrugging:

True, but I can see it from the perspective of a company like Hubitat. It could cause more support issues and platform dissatisfaction than it is worth, especially when there is a viable, reasonable, and easy alternative.


Static ip option is coming to Hubitat Elevation in upcoming 2.2.5 release. There is a physical reset button to recover from problems, back to DHCP default.


Well. I guess that answers that. Lol.


Perfect, good stuff - Thanks @bravenel!

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Is there any benefit using this vs assigning a static IP from the router?

None I can think of - end result is the same.

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The only real use I see for it, is for that one instance that for some reason the hub can’t reach the DHCP server and you need to get the hub on the network - you could assign it an address in the proper subnet and work with the hub. Other than that you risk creating address collisions when using DHCP (static assignment of every device on a network can be done, but is labor intensive unless you have an extremely small network that never changes.)

I have a Google Fiber router.

For whatever reason, I simply could NOT get the Hubitat to grab the assigned IP address I gave it.

By assigning the IP statically, I was finally able to get the hub at a known and guaranteed fixed IP address on my local network.

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No personal experience but I have heard that some routers limit the number of static IP assignments within their configuration settings. So this would benefit those with large networks that may have run into this limitation.

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