Hubitat - HomeKit - Old Ecobee Smart SI thermostats

Is there a way I can push my old Ecobee thermostats to HomeKit with a virtual device? I have 2 of the Smart SI thermostats, they work great for what I need, but since they are Wi-Fi, Hubitat can’t push them to HomeKit, and they don’t have the native HomeKit support. I’d like to avoid buying new thermostats if I can.

I basically just like to be able to ask Siri what the temperature is, to change from heat/cool, and set the temperature. I was able to do this with Alexa, but I understand the limitations Apple buys on supported HomeKit devices. Not sure if there is a virtual thermostat that I can tie to my real thermostat, and have it push to HomeKit.

Check out homebridge…

I’ve run it before, sticking to the built in HK, running it on a Pi isn’t very reliable.

I don’t see why you can’t. You’d need a few automations;

  1. To mirror changes in temperature and humidity observed by your real thermostat into the virtual thermostat.
  2. To change real thermostat fan, set point, and mode when those change in the virtual thermostat.

If you plan to use your real thermostat to change these settings, you’ll also have to mirror those back to the virtual thermostat

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I run mine on an 2014 Mac mini along with scrypted and node-red. Right now they cost about the same as a Rpi4 and they are more powerful. The only stability issues I’ve had with my mac have all been self inflicted. Due to the constant writes from homebridge, cheep sdcards can make a Pi unreliable.