Hubitat + HomeKit + HomeBridge + HomePod Mini = WOW

Howdy all, I got a HomePod Mini very recently for my study (the audio quality is great and hand-off is magical) and to replace my iPad as the main HomeKit controller for my house (we use HomeKit mainly for Presence detection which is IMO best in class).

We also have a dozen Amazon Echo's of various flavors around the house (they are very good and my family loves them). However, I had never tried using my HomePod Mini for voice commands until today .... Holy Crap they are fast!!! I mean really significantly faster than the Echo's at carrying out commands.

eg Lights On/Off:
Alexa - Echo Dot Gen2 = 1.5-2.5 seconds
HomePod Mini = too fast to measure!!!

I'm guessing this is due to the HomePod's being powered by Apple's powerful A8 SoC to perform most of the processing locally. In comparison iirc Echo's rely mostly on cloud-based processing.

I'd love to replace the rest of my Echo Dot's with HomePod Mini's but at triple the price of what I've previously bought the Dot's for I doubt I'll be doing that any time soon. Plus my wife and kids use the Alexa Shopping list and "find answers" functions extensively.

PS, Im using "Homebridge v2" on Hubitat to connect to my HomeBridge server.


Siri is a lot more flexible than Alexa as well. Here's a couple of things you might want to try:

Hey Siri, it’s hot in here. (Works with cold as well)
Hey Siri, how many lights are on?
Hey Siri, what's the status of the front door deadbolt?
Hey Siri, what's the status of the deadbolts?
Hey Siri, what's the temperature in the master bedroom?
Hey Siri, is there any motion in the house?
etc, etc.... and the list goes on.


Cheers, I'll try some of those!

This is my setup as well and I must say it's been working very well. "Homebridge v2" app has been a key part of that positive experience. I have a C-7 (with most of my z-wave devices) and an old C-4, both with Hub mesh enabled. I'm running 2 instances of Homebridge (one for each HE) on an old Mac mini running Ubuntu. So far the setup has been pretty snappy, and most importantly, my wife has been happy! :smile:

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Curious why two Homebridge instances if you’re also using Hub Mesh? Seems like a lot of unnecessary extra traffic on the network.

Why not just share the devices via Hub Mesh and add them to HomeKit from a single hub? This is how I’m managing multiple hubs and Homebridge. There’s no difference in speed from devices on the hub with Homebridge, versus devices shared via Hub Mesh to Homebridge.

Would this also be true for Hub Connect? Haven't set this up yet, just researching.

Should work. Can't speak to the speed as I don't use it. Hub Connect is still the choice for ST to HE, but for HE to HE I would suggest Hub Mesh. Far easier to setup and doesn't require special drivers for anything.

I may to have try that. I had the two Homebridge instances before I started using HubMesh. On my C-4 instance, I have a couple of non-HE plugins (eg. opensprinkler), whereas on my C-7 instance, it's all HE. My original thought was that if the C-4 instance ever slowed or crashed, my C-7 one would still keep my most important devices available.