Hubitat has incorrect time and date after power outages

Not sure if others have run into this as well. Didn't find much else on the forums. I've had a few intermittent power outages recently and following each one, noticed that the Current Hub Time was reset back to 2014-12-31 7:00 PM each time. This of course means that none of my time-based rules run correctly following an outage and the only way I've been able to resolve it is to go into the settings and update the time. Does Hubitat not have a way to adjust its internal time itself? This is a pretty basic feature for any device to have. If it cannot automatically update the time itself, this seems like a pretty major flaw.

Sounds like NTP is broken or your router has that port blocked

I had the same problem. I found it was caused by my ISP blocking/limiting calls to the time servers. Supposedly it is a security issue. In my case I have a bunch of devices on my network and they all were independently calling for time updates. Apparently if the ISP sees a lot of time update traffic it blocks the port for some amount of time.

My solution was a change on my router. I happen to be running a ASUS router. I flashed it with Asuswrt-Merlin firmware which has a setting that allows it to become a NTP time server. It also can be set to intercept any NTP time call and return the time of the router instead of always going out to the internet to get the time.

This solved many issues, especially with the Hubitat hub. Keep in mind this isn't a problem with the hub but a problem getting to the time servers on the internet.


Happened to me a couple of weeks ago during a storm. I too noticed the time problem, but it fixed itself. However, the next day I went out and purchased a small battery backup and now have my modem, router and HE on it.

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Did you hub boot up before your modem and router? My modem takes FOREVER to boot. If the hub can't reach the ntp server when it boots it will not have the correct time.

Can not advise......

Similar issue. The hub is polling for the current time before the modem/router are up.