Hubitat greyed out on my account list

hi all!
Hub was working great yesterday. The way I know something is wrong is that my lights connected to the hub do not respond when alexa tries to operate them. Often this means the hub needs updating or rebooting. however, when I go to the hub under my account using either wifi or ethernet on my network, the connect is greyed out. I assume this means it thinks we are on different networks. Nothing has changed since yesterday, however. Of note, I am set up for verizon fios router - eero.
I can post the hub details just let me know what you need of it. my desktop, laptop and hub are in the same subnet mask it appears but I am happy to trouble shoot this from whatever basic steps we would start at

If the IP is listed you could try accessing the diagnostic tool on port 8081 Hubitat Diagnostic Tool | Hubitat Documentation

Otherwise if you cannot get to that only other option is to unplug it for about 10 seconds then plug in again. Should reboot and reconnect.

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thanks. I did unplug for a bit and that did not work. I just used the diagnostic tool to update the hub. so the tool can access it. I rebooted the hub after updating and still cannot get into it apart from the diagnostic tool

what colour is the light on the hub?

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If you are getting into the diagnostic tool but not the ip of the hub, likely you have a corrupt database. From the diagnostic tool restore from your earliest backup.

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hi! Interestingly enough there is no light on the hub itself. If I power cycle it flashes red then turns off. the usb stick has blue

thanks did this:
download back up from when it last worked
soft reset
set up
settings -> restore/back up -> restore from file
hub rebooted and it works!
thank you so much everyone