Hubitat Forum page showing post count in green on my mobile

When I access the forum from my mobile I'm seeing the topics 'post counts' showing up in green on all posts.
Previously I only saw it on topics that I am tracking when a new post has been added.
I am not seeing this when accessing the forum from my PC.
Does anyone have any idea what could have prompted this? As far as I can tell I haven't changed anything in my preferences.
Just tagging @bobbyD as he may be the forum guru.
From my PC.

From my mobile.


Same here

Only on my phone not my iPad

Phew. :sweat_smile:
I thought I'd been playing and set something. Cannot for the life of me find anything.

It was prompted to bring consistency on mobile between main pages:

Latest Topics:

New Topics

Unread Topics

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Any ideas how I can stop it?
It now looks to me that there are new posts that I haven't read on every topic. Even ones I am following that I have looked at. The 'green' number always remains.

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Having the green icon only on threads I follow is super helpful to me, fwiw

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Totally agree.

Makes sense. Change reversed :slight_smile:


Thankyou young man. :smiley:

WOW!!!! That was quick. :+1:

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There have been other changes, let us know if anything else seems odd.

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A bit late I know but I don't think I'm getting the 'blue' notification that there has been a post on threads I'm tracking.

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There are two notification bubbles. On the left is high priority alert and on the right is unread. Both have a counter for the number of notifications and their background is now green. The one on the right goes away as soon as you open the menu. The one on the left, goes away when you click on the item.