Hubitat for Europe (alternative languages)

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I'm new here and my search didn't lead to any results. I'm from the Netherlands and interested in a product like the habitat. But I have a question which remains. Is the app and specific the dashboards only in English or are there other languages available (like dutch)? Or will there be in the near future? I think I can manage in English but not my small children.

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Its hubitat btw :wink: but you can name the devices whatever you want so it shouldnt be a problem (im also from the netherlands but made everything english :smile:). And the use of icons in the dashboard should be clear for your kids i think:

Hi Barry,

Always happy to see another Dutchy here... Maybe one day there will be enough of us to make it viable to translate the Hubitat to Dutch :smiley:

You will probably not need (or allow) your kids to touch the configuration interface of your Hubitat. Using Dutch names in your configuration does look odd sometimes:
But it works like a charm.
Your dashboard will be quite Dutch...

My kids can send commands via Google Home in Dutch and announcements from the Hubitat are also made in Dutch by Google Home... My kids never use the dashboards.

I only have two negative points. The Hubitat costs a lot over here! I Paid €240 for mine! Don't get me wrong, it's worth every cent, but what really bugs me is that more than half of the price went to postage and customs. And secondly, a lot of smart products in Europe are not known in America (Nuki for example), therefor not supported by Hubitat (yet). But that can be solved by using IFTTT.

Support in the community is GREAT! I'm very happy with my Hubitat!

Thanks for your replies @pietsnot and @mjw-tan (I know it's Hubitat but my computer keeps adjusting it automatically),

Good typ see that the dashboards can be adjusted to have a Dutch interface for other family members.

Momentarily I'm comparing the Hubitat with the Homey (Dutch language is supported of course :slight_smile:). The Homey will cost even more and has the disadvantage at this moment that it lacks a native supported dashboard at this time and I really want to use it in combination with a wall mounted iPad. For the Hubitat I'm still looking at the interoperability with other elements. It has no Wifi but if I connect it through ethernet will I be able to control Siemens kitchen equipment?. I also was interested in the Nuki in combination with doorbird so I will look into that. I have 6-9 month before my house is ready....

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How come you paid so much? Shipping is around 20 Euro then 2.5% duty and 21% VAT (in NL). You should pay much less than 200 Euro.

I paid something like €50 for postage and €60 for taxes/import... As I said, the Hubitat is worth the money, but I'd rather have paid all the money to Hubitat, instead of paying the postman :slight_smile:

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Yea same here, had to pay a bit for the import and postage aswell but it still works alot better then smartthings imo

The hub is also available in Europe through eBay. It comes with VAT and duty already paid for but seems cheaper than what you paid.

Mmmm. Thanks for the tip. I'm considering buying a second one as back-up.

  • People buying on E-Bay must just be sure to get the correct (EU) version!

Look for the one marked 'EU version' :slight_smile:

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Mind that C-5 model is now available for EU on Hubitat's website. It comes with an external Z-Wave stick for EU frequency and an internal ZigBee radio. RAM and Flash are the same. I guess overall experience is the same.

Little typo I think... c-5 model is NOT available in EU yet.

I ordered one for myself too. I have tried Homey before. But it's not for me. Don't want to go into any specifics about it over here. But I am already very glad I discovered Hubitat by "accident" (it was served as a recommendation by Youtube one day). Once I read all the specs I was sold. The fact that it works without internet, has a cable connection to the network and has a build in security system is already so powerful that the rest is a breeze.

I can hardly wait until I get my hands on it. The devices I plan on using it are:

  • Philips Hue
  • Xiaomi sensors
  • Aeotec multisensor 6
  • Doorbird
  • Dahua Camera's
  • Danalock
    And maybe even more when I'm done with all that :slight_smile:

The C-5 for EU is available now at Collections – HUBITAT.
C-5 in EU will be available next week on eBay :grin:

Wow, ok. That went just passed me...

Then I was about the last ones ordering a c-4. Not that I mind. I actually like the fact that the radio's are external. But that's just me :slight_smile:

@frits, I'm considering the Hubitat or the Homey. Advantage of the Homey would be the connectivity with almost everything and the apps for these items. But I'm missing an native dashboard for a wall mounted iPad to control it all like the Hubitat has and I understand the stability of the Hubitat is a pro.

For my home I'm also considering Philips Hue, Siemens Home Connect, Somfy, Fibaro, Doorbird and Nuki (instead of Danalock). I'm interested what led to your choice.

Will the Doorbird work with the Hubitat? since I didn't see it in the list.

Like I said before I'm not going to make any statements on why I like the Hubitat over the homey.

About the devices that you want to use. I think that everything with an API will always be possible to use. Though I must say I'm not shy off writing some code :slight_smile:
The only thing you should look out for is if devices have local api's or only online. Because the latter would make it impossible to work offline.

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In case if you ever decide to add localization - I'll translate it to Ukrainian . Just add me to the group of alpha/beta testers.

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Not to worry :grin: I don't mind two sticks either. You are so right about APIs.

I've got my HE for about two days now and I'm even more impressed now that I got the hang of it all. It's mighty powerfull!

But I also came across a nice app called Maker API. Which is perfect for your own implementations of all sorts of triggers from other devices over http. The app does one thing, and very well I must say. It creates an http endpoint. Which is connected to one or more devices on the HE to control them. Now to keep things easy and also create a sort of security between external devices and the devices connected to the HE, I created a virtual device with the same characteristics as the external device. In this case, the Doorbird push button. The management settings of the Doorbird let me trigger an http endpoint when the Doorbird button is pushed. So I set my newly created HE endpoint in there and that did the trick. After that I can do whatever I want with the state of the virtual device. And I can also get the last made picture of the Doorbird on my dashboard and put a tile next to it linking to the Doorbird app. But of course the next step is to make the Doorbird controls in a dashboard tile as well. To be continued :slight_smile:

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