Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

If they are Zigbee then try and pair them to Hubitat and see how you go. Just make sure you unpair from old hub first or turn it off. Yes Hubitat should easily run all those same rules you had before as its very powerful.

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I have two running the backlights for my TV and cabinet, I have them paired to my HUE bridge and then control via HE, note sure if they would pair directly with HE and work though.

two of those modules ?
I have a hue bridge.

Yep :slight_smile:

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did you have the splice the wires for the controller (ie make the connection from old to new?)

I just cut up the power supply that came with the LED strip and connected to the controller, I think, although not 100% sure now, that it was labelled wrong though and had two colours the wrong way around. I can check that later though. The controller has screw down terminals so easy to do.

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Interesting it has a Ctick on a LV device....hmmmm

Thats very good to see.
Being Low Voltage doesn't exclude it from requiring RCM (replaced CTick).
Basically anything with a "clock chip" requires RCM these days.
Having an external power supply actually makes things harder !

In my pursuit of the perfect LED downlight dimming solution, I came across these from Shelly available for pre-order. They have two versions - one requiring neutral and the other not. My downlights are 240V lights. I'm guessing either would work fine in Australia? It looks like it ticks all my boxes. I.e. I can have a standard momentary push button sitting on my conventional light switch to control on/off/dim then use HE to automate as well. I might spring for a pre-order.

I am actually planning to use WLED installed on a WeMos D1 mini for my LED lights. I actually have some on the way to have a play so I will let you know. Check our Drzzz video on it very cool themes etc.

btw, no HE driver though but a cool mobile app. Maybe someone will write a simple driver for it.


Why wouldn’t something like THIS work for you ?
Proven, compatible and available right now.

It's the $100 I'm baulking at. I'll likely need 4 of them for the groups of downlights we plan to install. Half that and I'd be all over it. The Shelly is a third the price.

Ahh, got yah :+1:t2:
But have you seen the exchange rates at the moment !!!!
The A$ is in the toilet !

I hear ya! Long way from the parity we enjoyed not that long ago. It's put a dampener on my gadget spend, that's for sure!

Guaranteed, the minute I make a decision on this, Sonoff will release one for $10.

I grabbed one for comparison and already think I have a home for it in future rollouts

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Any takers for my question in my post here as to which module is better suited to our wiring practices in Australia for 240v LED downlights? I'm not up on how our wiring is done in Oz.

I would imagine that either the dhs dimmer or fibaro dimmer would work and be suited since they are aus/nz certified. Only killer is their price!

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If I was going to go down this route I'd choose the SL version because it looks like it can be used with or without a netural wire. :slight_smile:
They certainly are a good price as you can pretty much get 4 for the price of one of the DHS, Fibaro, Aeotec, competitors.

Bit they're WiFi :frowning:

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Maybe keep an eye on this listing!
And by the looks of it, it doesnt need neutral

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