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anyone have a suggestion for a zigbee/zwave button for a doorbell ?
I have an aldi video doorbell but i'd like a doorbell looking smart button for the front door.

I plan to use a Xiaomi button in the new house once it's completed. I currently use them on my wife and I's beside table's and they work a treat. I also had the sparky run an extra cat cable to the doorbell location if I ever wanted to hard wire it but honestly the battery life seems amazing. Also the Zigbee Nue switch will be literally 1 metre away from it too.

I have this one currently in the bedroom (weird spacing on the forum, reads "I currently use them on my wife" lol). But I want something more "doorbell" looking

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I suppose there's no reason why you couldnt just wire another button to the Xiaomi button PCB? Other options are use a Xiaomi contact sensor in a existing doorbell or even a WeMos D1 mini inside a doorbell unit too.


looked at both of them, but would have no idea where to start.

Man you should definitely have a look at HubDuino. I use them for my garage doors and the Arduino chips are so cheap e.g. around $5 AUD with a relay from AliExpress. I recently also purchased a temperature and humidity sensor which I plan to install to my garage door opener at some stage too. Anyways there is a button sketch that you could use as your doorbell then just use whatever doorbell/button that you like.

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looks like JB hifi are also stocking the ST devices:


Nive, will grab a couple tomorrow :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to make me a zwave or zigbee doorbell im down to $

haha just give it a crack mate, if you screw it up I can just come over and fix it LOL

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roger that, thanks bud

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I have a light strip at home, would one of these simply make it work with HE ?

So the HE landed on the doorstep this morning. @ajrlaird has been helping me plan the Museum Phase 1 implementation and we have most of the parts for the initial deployment now. In the meantime the boss has decided she might like something that answers the door and makes sure the roller door is down when she goes out so there may be a second one purchased for home yet...โ€ฆ..


I've got an electrician here today cutting holes for downlights for our deck. I haven't decided what to stick in the holes yet. Utopia is to have a wall dimmer that the wife can use as well as have it controllable from HE. Thinking either the Nue Wall Dimmer or Nue In Ceiling Dimmer with conventional LED downlights. Anyone have any experience setting up downlights with HE? The other option I've considered is getting Zigbee downlights and buying something like the Philips Hue dimmer module to control them. I guess the issue is that if we sell the house and take our HE with us, the new owner won't be able to control Zigbee downlights without a gateway. I guess it won't be our problem.

Thoughts anyone? I'm stuck in analysis paralysis.

Has anyone here had any experience with the Origin Home HQ in Australia?

Origin went with ZigBee and Netvox devices it appears. As Origin is no longer responding to support requests and Netvox have never responded at all.

I am now looking at moving the devices to another Hub.

The devices have not been rebranded so I am assuming I can reset them and pair with another ZigBee compatible Hub.

But itโ€™s the rulesโ€ฆ

Can I recreate the same rules as Origin have made available on their Iโ€™m assuming also Netvox hubs?

I'd go the Nue wall dimmer that way if you sold the house everything still runs like normal. They also could pair the Nue to a Philips Hue bridge so option there is you could sell the house with that. Note, though you can only dim using the Nue wall 1gang dimmer as the 2 and 3gang don't dim at all.

Thanks. I was leaning that way. The only issue with that is the OCD in me in that it'll be sitting alongside a couple of Hager switch plates and will look different. :flushed: The longer term plan is to put in more downlights in the open plan area adjacent the deck, so would need additional dimmers. Might not look too bad. Hmm. Problem is finding stock of the dimmers. Lectory seem to have them but charging $70 for them. Ouch!

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If they are Zigbee then try and pair them to Hubitat and see how you go. Just make sure you unpair from old hub first or turn it off. Yes Hubitat should easily run all those same rules you had before as its very powerful.

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I have two running the backlights for my TV and cabinet, I have them paired to my HUE bridge and then control via HE, note sure if they would pair directly with HE and work though.

two of those modules ?
I have a hue bridge.