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Anyone else use a Beyonwiz PVR? Not a major part of my setup atm, only turned on what is now an old T3 unit for the first time in 2-3 years. Was able to set it up in Harmony, which is encouraging, and was interested to see if anyone else has done anything cool with these units.


so ive bought 3 - paired them up and they work great... but the power is still coming through... which doesnt make sense.
So i say - alexa turn off X and it says its off but the device is still on ?
all 3 of the act the same way... On the device page they say off, but the power stay on... I feel like a newb as it makes 0 sense to me.

Do they work when you turn them off via the device page rather than using voice? Could be an alexa problem.

they turn off on the device page - power still running through them.

I have it setup to turn my 3d printers off. I also have hue lights in their enclosures. So when I say turn on - the lights turn on and machine turns on. When i say turn off - lights turn off cause the device is off on the device page... but the physical printer still has power. If i manual turn the power on and off that works... but kinda defeats the purpose.

Yep !

Sounds like a communication issue.
Can you locate 1 of the 3, nearer to your Hubitat hub, remove then re-pair it and test it ?

What Device driver are you using ?
Mine are using “generic Zigbee Outlet”

If anyone has a Mitsubishi A/C that includes a wi-fi adaptor to provide access via their app, I have developed some drivers to make these available in HE. At the moment it still goes out to the cloud, but I am looking at including local control sometime soon.


Will this work with your driver? I have a Mitsubishi a/c that is not yet part of sky-net. Hmmmm.

From what I can see at a glance I would say yes probably not at the moment. It looks like it is a different produce to what I have for my ducted system, looks like an Intesis wi-fi module that wants to make use of TCP connections locally, which is not what I have been working with or towards.

Based on some of the documentation on the Bunnings page it looks like the adaptor is their cloud-based version, but still not the same as the one I currently use and have developed for. This is exactly the reason I developed the drivers the way I did, allowing me to potentially include this under the same driver if no-one else had already. In this case there does appear to be a driver. This may interest you if still want to pursue the IntesisHome adaptor:

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Was considering that but can it be easily integrated into Hubitat to use the rules engine, say to turn on as I leave the office etc?

Anyone have any recommendations on a 3 gang zigbee light switch? Just had one of the glass faceplates fall off my NUE switch and shatter everywhere. Not real keen on another one of them since they're all starting to come apart.

I'd offer a replacement one I have in a draw, but can't imagine you want to go down that path again...

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My makegood one has worked well. But there was another report in this thread of someone else saying theirs flickered. Not sure if that was only the dimmer for them, maybe not sure.. But my single gang one works well for me. And Aus approved with no neutral required. They make a 3 gang. How sure can I be that they are good, well the other report in here makes me question to suggest them. I have a single and double hang to still be installed that I haven't got round to.

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Yeah i think i might move away from them, thanks for the offer though.

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Have a look at the Mercator Ikuu range

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That would have been me. I had that happen to me on two 1-gang switches and one 4-gang switch. I returned the lot and bought Ikuu ones instead.

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Several of my Nue switches/GPO's have failed - I wouldn't touch them again. Changed to the Mercator Ikuu products.

So do the Mercator Ikuu light switches need neutral? Their website and none of the sellers really gave much info that I could see.


What’s been the experience with the Clipsal Iconic Zigbee devices? Any good?