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Yeah, I just bought an ecowitt weather station, so could use that, though I could reliably operate the external one on a timed schedule if I had to, it can take most weather conditions and the sun is off that part of the house by about 10am

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Yes this is what I have. They have treated me well, both battery life and reliability. I'm using their own hub connected through ifttt (wish I could cut the middle person out but it's proved reliable still) tgat is triggered by hubitat.

You could look into using Home Assistant or HomeBridge (see here) and then presenting it back to HE. There is still way's of doing this but it will mean another hub..

Oh there seems to be drivers now for hubitat to Rollease locally.. It took me a while to realise local broadlink was possible as well.


Nice you'll have to give it a go and report back to all as a few people on here have Rollease.

Damn seems it's for the second version of the hub. Pretty sure mine is the original

Edit: Seems it may work with the original. Will try this over the next week or so although initial tries by a single user don't look positive for v1

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Very cool - I might try this out, the sensitivity adjustment is interesting - how far can you detect the beacons through walls?

So far my BT presence beacons are still running fine (battery wise) 6 months down the track

Speaking of the D1, you can also use this with a CC2351 stick to get the new Ikea dimmer switches to work, via node red. (oops sorry my mistake I used a pi zero ! too many boards in the house, pi's, zeros, nodemcus, D1s, esp2866!!)

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It's pretty good. In my office half way down the house I can still detect the tiny fob at -87 RSSI in my garage. I have since installed the Wemo's in my garage though so it only has to pick me up outside the garage door so it will be fine.

Here's the chip within it's 3d printed case too:



I actually have one of these sticks. I have configured it as a zigbee sniffer and you can see all your zigbee traffic via wireshark which is pretty cool.


Looking for a replacement for one of my original LIFX bulbs, and saw the Laser CONNECT bulbs are 50% off. Saw somewhere else that they have Tuya and was wondering if someone here could point me in the right direction as to if there is a driver for them in Hubitat, or what would be needed to be done to get them working. Please note that I am more of a plug n play type guy than solder and coding :slight_smile: .

Failing that, open to suggestions for other brands that are working well with Hubitat.

Plenty of options in the Tuya space. I haven't tried a Laser one before though. I have two of these that I got from Officeworks.

EDIT: Looks like Tasmota repository do have some Laser ones listed though. See here and here.

And where do I start with the Tuya/Tasmota? :slight_smile:

Lol I should have done that instead of splurging on an xbee a few months ago!

I love it when people come over to Tuya/Tasmota as it really is a nice system so I am more than happy to help. For most stuff you should be able to use Tuya convert see here so if you have a raspberry pi laying around just follow this. Once you have converted it to Tasmota then you go here.

I have an Xbee too that is great for the network map so you haven't wasted your money there. The sniffing is for pulling traffic to reverse engineer / write drivers something of which I cannot do but I am able to at least pull data and hand off to a developer :slightly_smiling_face:

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Seconded. I have a really old pi model B which is now a dedicated Tasmota OTA flasher coupled with wait for it a D1 mini!

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Nice, I really like how they did the D1 mini flasher part instead of your mobile it's super cool. But hey I love D1 mini's!! I have 7 deployed in this house with another 8 unused in my electronics draw they are my go to device!

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Yep, ESPs of all kinds are my go to devices instead of arduinos now because the arduino code can be updated OTA as well. The only downside is the extra work required if you don't have 3.3V compatible sensors.

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I actually don't have many devices running Arduino anymore just Tasmota. The only 2 devices I have with Arduino now is HubDuino (mains water) and the bluetooth to MQTT server that I just built. I don't hate it I have just tried to standardise with Tasmota (wifi) or Zigbee as much as possible as it keeps things simple. I will be replacing my mains water one shortly just pending my zigbee valve to arrive which is imminent.

Yeh the esp devices are what made me move to a mesh wifi router as standard routers tend to overload pretty easy once you venture into wifi devices.

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@peterbrown77.pb, how did you go with the Rollease? I am the same as @jchurch as in rebuilding my home so thinking about automating some windows with double/single roller blinds. Issue are total motors will be 28 and Acmeda Pulse 2 can only accomodate 20 motors. Do you reckon I can push this to include 28?
Also it going to be a 2 stories house, what do you reckon about the range of the hub?

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