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It can do Somfy shades which have a "rolling code"


Nice, i love my it's used multiple times daily for my Somfy shades and it's never skipped a beat. btw if you need a mount for it this is what I use.

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Thanks, I had seen the mount when you posted about it here. I probably need to come up with some sort of larger solution, starting to acquire a few hubs now... :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ok. I'll keep that in mind if I need rolling codes. Broadlink took over my house a while back when I used tasker for automation.. Now with the 3rd party driver's I use them directly with hubitat rather than bridged through an android box... Except they discontinued the development as the developer took his code and left.. But they work and they are cheap plus they have IR as well which is why I have multiple hubs of theirs..

However they don't do rolling codes so that's a good find. What's the integration like in hubitat? Is there something that connects their cloud stuff to hubitat or is it a local driver? Do they handle air conditioning units and prepare themselves as a thermostat/hvac? Maybe I should just read up as I guess there's something already on the forum.

I'm assuming Jason is replying to that :slightly_smiling_face: There is a driver and it's local integration I believe.

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I'm attempting to convince the wife to get blinds (and for a few northern facing windows. Covid19 has put a dampener on that.

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Nice, she will love them my wife certainly does. I was lucky enough to install 3 x 3m Somfy Luxaflex shades on our rear deck literally just before COVID it works really well and looks great. We have a few battery powered ones indoors too they are great.

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I'm hoping it may work with the motor I had put in my ziptrak as well, but not sure if it will or not at this stage

Bond only support's Somfy unless you have a motor that is not using rolling codes then you could configure it as a generic device. If it's a Rollease Acmeda motor then you will need to go another route.

Not a big deal if it doesn't, the internal blinds would be a big win...

True the internal blinds was what we did first. As this was a new house build it was easy to justify when you have no blinds at all though :stuck_out_tongue:. It was funny when I first did this though as I had Somfy Australia and the vendor I used to purchase this from have me write an email back to them to acknowledge I accept all responsibility if the hub didn't work because they are completely unaware of the Somfy integration and don't support it in AUS. After I got it working though the store knows me very well now as the guy with the automated house :stuck_out_tongue:

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I'll report back on how I go with both the internal and external blinds.

I think I looked it up at the time and the ziptrak motor was this on, not purchased directly through the Nolan Group.

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Sounds good, I am sure others here would be running similar motors etc so definitely share it. Once you get your outdoor ones setup you can then poll a local weatherstation like I do and open / close based on weather it's super handy OR run your own weather station and just poll that.

Yeah, I just bought an ecowitt weather station, so could use that, though I could reliably operate the external one on a timed schedule if I had to, it can take most weather conditions and the sun is off that part of the house by about 10am

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Yes this is what I have. They have treated me well, both battery life and reliability. I'm using their own hub connected through ifttt (wish I could cut the middle person out but it's proved reliable still) tgat is triggered by hubitat.

You could look into using Home Assistant or HomeBridge (see here) and then presenting it back to HE. There is still way's of doing this but it will mean another hub..

Oh there seems to be drivers now for hubitat to Rollease locally.. It took me a while to realise local broadlink was possible as well.


Nice you'll have to give it a go and report back to all as a few people on here have Rollease.

Damn seems it's for the second version of the hub. Pretty sure mine is the original

Edit: Seems it may work with the original. Will try this over the next week or so although initial tries by a single user don't look positive for v1

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