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Any one need SmartThings devices jb hifi have good discounts at the moment on all sensors

Thanks - might get a leak sensor!

Yes the water sensor works well for me. The xiaomi one has better form/shape but I like the reliability of the SmartThings one.

I as tempted to try the sensor submersed in a bath for temperature measurement but haven't done if yet. I know they aren't meant for that but pretty sure it'll be fine submersed. I use mine for the bath level now so know they can be submersed a little just haven't fully submersed yet.

I think you’ll be unlikely to get radio signals from underwater.

Fair point. I'll check tomorrow. As it'll be stuck directly on the wall of the bath hopefully it can propagate through..

The 3 and 4 gang units are not flashable atm with Tuyaconvert but @markus and @Hongkey determined that chip while not supported under Tuyaconvert OTA it's still flash able with a gig. You can see them talking about this further up.

No worries the 1 and 2 gang is still flash able until Tuyaconvert unless they change them out in the future as well but my guess is they have ton's of the same stock because those units have been around for some time now. You can learn how to setup and flash using Tuyaconvert here. Also given you use NodeRed you have two choices you can A) just use NodeRed nodes here or B) use @markus Hubitat Tasmota firmware and drivers here.

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Thanks. I think I was going in the right direction, but now I'm more certain. I'm going to give it a whirl today and see how I go. One question: do i need to download the right binaries for the Deta lights, or does the software do it automatically?

Also, today I'll have a go with flashing a single gang and a double gang. In place of the double gang, I previously have been using a triple gang (zigbee), but I dont really need the triple now home automation is involved, so I'll fall back to the double, and hopefully get the OTA tasmota thing going.

Thanks for the help. It looks daunting for a first-timer, but I guess it's just follow the instructions and everything should work well.

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They all seem to use the same Tuya module TYWE3S. Basically the tasmota firmware for these are all the same. You then use templates to configure them to have different functions. Let me know if you’re having issues.

Regarding 4-gang variants that I have, we believe it should be flashable via serial. This is because they use the sale Tuya module. The new firmware that are shipped with these seemed to have made changes that removed the known weaknesses that allowed the tuya-convert folks to derive the pre shared key. I don’t have 3-gang, but I assume they are the same.

Finally, I know you may have bought the 2-gang already, but I really like jchurch’s idea of using the spare button for other automation functions. I’m going to use 2 spare buttons on 4-gang to do trigger rules.


Good question you will also need this or this once Tasmota is loaded.

Thanks. I have not yet bought the devices, however, I dont think I'm up to serial flashing the first time, and I need it to work today. One of the main thoroughfares in my house has a dead light switch. If later, I want to change it, I do have other places where I could place this double gang (where only a 1 gang suffices), so I can use the extra switch for automations.

No matter what I do, I cant get it the Deta switch into pairing mode. I've tried everything. Weird.

That is weird. I think I just held the power button down until it did it. I didn't have to do anything special. You'd still need to enter pairing mode to use their app too.

EDIT: if you are able to pair to their app but not get Tuyaconvert to find it then it's highly likely they have changed the module in these ones as well :frowning: . Maybe open it up (pretty sure it's simple) and take a couple pics.

Anyone aware of any au approved light switches that don't need neutral? I have multiple touxh panel Rf based ones that I have setup with feedback from an esp8266 device and also two fibaro dimmers (but expensive to make a 3 gang switch from the fibaro dimmer).

I don't really want to add a neutral as its a bit of a pain on an existing wall, but one of my rf switches is playing up so time to replace it.

Did you end up testing the switch?

No, went another way. Sorry.

ok Im still looking switches, what do you do in the end?

Oh no.. that's troublesome. The switch should go into pairing mode even for their own app. All the switches (1G, 2G, 4G, and 2GPO) all went into pairing mode after holding down the switch button (I think I've always pressed the top left one, if there is more than one). Whether tuya-convert can intercept or not is what happens after.

Yeah, blonde moment....even though not blonde. I bought the non wifi switch. I didnt realise there was even a non-wifi version! After I got them exchanged, I installed the wifi versions, and they have new firmware (single and double gangs). So no OTA for me. @jchurch is going to hook me up with something to do some wired flashing.


Oh no.. I guess they've moved fast with the rollout. The progress on the new PSK seems be in the early stages. I will be trying the serial flash as well soon. It will be great if you can share with us how you go with serial flashing.

I swapped one of my un-opened 2 gangs (prob. same batch with new firmware) with a new switch from a different bunnings, and I did successfully flash it with tasmota, so it's not me having another blonde moment/fat fingers.

I might pack up the other double gang and also swap it over (as I managed to keep the box intact). Cheeky. @jchurch