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@jchurch I'm getting closer to getting my rollers motorised and I checked recently with Bond and they don't currently delivery to Aus. Did you just get in early, or find some other way to get your hands on one?

If I can't get one, are you aware of any other options for somfy?

Excellent. I recently had 3 Somfy hard-wired motorised blinds installed on my rear deck they are very nice and work with the Bond like the battery Somfy's I have inside. Anyways I ordered the Bond from Ebay (US) there are plenty on there see examples here and here, Ebay allow you to pay a flat fee with their Global Shipping Program.

I have seen this before but you cannot connect to it locally only over IFTTT so it's not a route i'd go. The Bond Home has a local API.

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Thanks @jchurch, I'll check out the eBay options

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My mate printed this Bond mount out for me on the weekend and delivered it today. I wanted to mount it away and it fits great. You need to print to 1250% though otherwise it's tiny, lucky i noticed that in the comments :stuck_out_tongue:



I've taken the plunge. Have ordered my bond hub, it should be here in about 3 weeks or so. Thanks again for your help @jchurch.

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Excellent, you'll be really happy with it. btw, you can find all the HE drivers for it here and the Bondhome community here.

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Just and FYI:
I'm currently not seeing the one I'm testing with, acting as repeater but I've just wired it so I'll give it a few more days to settle but I'm guessing it will require a specific driver to enable the routing. :frowning:

I have been running mine for months and can confirm it's basically another Nue switch e.g. you won't see it in the HE zigbee logs but it functions really well, is reliable and works perfectly with Xiaomi. I am not the only one either just ask my mate @markus

EDIT: have you checked using an Xbee I don't think ever did for my Sonoff but maybe @markus can confirm anyways here.

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For it to be routing traffic you don't need a specific driver. However, the built-in Ikea Repeater driver has some commands you can use to see what is connected to it. It works with my Xbees and the Sonoff one. I've seen that it doesn't work with all Xbees though, not sure why.

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Ok cool. Yeah, the BasicZBR3 gets detected as a "Generic Zigbee Switch" and I've just now changed it to "Nue Zigbee Switch" to see if that "enables" Repeating capability.
I'm hoping it'll pick up my shed mounted Iris motion and act as another route back to the HE hub. :slight_smile:

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Good thing I have some time on my hands these days. LOL

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The range of the Sonoff ones is not amazing, it works really well as an additional repeater to add more devices (even Xiaomi), but for range I've not been impressed. For range I know @jchurch has mentioned the Ikea repeaters, I just bought a couple of those yesterday and will add them this weekend to see if I get different routing with better signal strength. I don't have any issues, but I will be adding a lot more sensors and this is in preparation for that.

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Yeah I agree just like the Nue's the range isn't great which is why I threw in the 3 IKEA's and I haven't had a single issue since.

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@jchurch & @markus, you guys were spot on. They don't have great range which is something I've been able to get around by swapping in another unit I have, One of these, where I needed the range - Out to the back shed. Those devices seem to have twice the range of the Sonoff's and I have now got my shed lighting automated and sending back local temps as well via the Iris motion. Excellent.


Hi All,

I've install a heap of Nue 4 gang switches and I'm really happy with them. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Nue switches support "physical switch" trigger in rule machine.

I would like to know when the switch has been turned on/off at the physical switch vs a rule (motion etc)

No, I tested today. The driver doesnt disntinguish between physical and virtual. Well, I tested the 3 gang, an early version.

Thanks Mike, a mate and I thought as much from the testing we did but we're still finding our feet in Hubitat. Do you think this is something that could be addressed via an updated driver or a hardware limitation?

I'd imagine that an updated driver would fix the issue, but I cant see the driver, since it's a stock driver, prepared by @mike.maxwell. Maybe he would be able to fix it?

Thank for your input. @mike.maxwell what do you think, is this a possibility via future driver update/custom driver?

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Would like to know more about your setup.

I just bought a EufyCam 2. I'd like to set off some Aeotec (Siren 6) chimes when motion is detected.

The EufyCam 2 has 2 cameras and its HomeBase 2. It only officially supports Apple HomeKit. In the Home app so far I have

  • HomeKit Hub: iPad
  • Bridges:
    • Eufy HomeBase 2 with two accessories listed as motion sensors
    • HOOBS // temporarily running on my Mac
  • The two cameras

I think I need to connect HomeKit to HOOBS to Hubitat Elevation to the Aeotec chime. I have not yet purchased anything related to a HOOBS/Hubitat/Aeotec solution yet as I want to be sure I would be successful before making the investment.

However, your post indicates that I might be able to skip the HomeKit/HOOBS solution.

For a HomeKit/HOOBS solution I don't know if the siren's chime selection and volume control capabilities will reflect back through the HOOBS bridge into HomeKit so they can be configured.

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