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Sengled directly sell on the marketplace so I'd expect them to go the Amazon route and maybe actually stay on the Bunnings marketplace.

Oh yeah forgot they sell on catch market as well. I think Sengled have a weird set of products really, with lights with cameras in them, bluetooth music light bulbs.

Hmm how do I change the radar to my section / pull the gif myself?

Go to the BOM site and select the radar you want, then go to single images

Once there right click on the radar image and copy the image location url, it will include a ? followed by the time and date eg "" , drop the ? and time and date and use that as your image URL, it will always show the latest available image :slight_smile:



@at9 how hard is the flashing with tasmota? what are the benefits?

It's pretty easy but you do need a raspberry pi to do. You should also be able to use a virtual machine with an USB wifi dongle.

I actually haven't done the downlights yet but will try and do them this weekend but have done a bunch of other tuya based devices.

The advantage is that tasmota is 100% local so it removes the reliance on the Tuya cloud and intergrates with HE using the fork of the firmware.


I think I'd prefer zigbee or zwave lights though...

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A can of this from bunnings and a Smartthings multi purpose sensor and now my back gate (20m from the house) has a working contact sensor. I tried a Z-wave contact sensor (Dome) as I thought they had better range but with no luck. The Smartthings one works great as it is all open except for one brick wall (back of the house)

Had lots of heavy rain yesterday and working no problem, peal off the paint and repaint when the battery needs replacing.



Nice one man.
You’ve given me new project.
Thanks :pray:

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Way to think outside the box! :ok_hand:

Hmm... interesting idea. :grin:

I've got one of the downlights from kmart and was very easy to flash with tasmota.

perfect - thanks steve

@macdenewf @gbrown @njanda
My blitzwolf BW-IS4 temperature and humidity sensor arrived last week.and works with the Konke driver.
As it runs on 2 aaa batteries the voltage range will need to be adjusted.

Here is the code to add the fingerprint to the driver

fingerprint profileId: "0104", inClusters: "0000,0001,0402,0405", outClusters: "0019", manufacturer: "_TYZB01_hjsgdkfl", model: "TS0201"

So far it seems to be as accurate as my Mija sensor.
Here is the size relative to the Mija sensor.

I also got this motion sensor which I have modified a driver to work but haven't yet worked out the battery level as it has a rechargeable battery in it.
It is pretty big, has a 180 degree range and is very sensitive. I'm not sure if the sensitivity can be configured yet.
Here it is compared to an Aqara motion and a Fibaro multi sensor

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That's the biggest motion sensor I've seen. Temp sensor looks swish though

Thanks. Time to order a couple! Can you tell me what you mean by the fingerprint please. Not certain where i'd put that code.

On line 31 there is already the konke fingerprint so just under that.
You don't actually have to add it in but including it will automatically select the correct driver when you paired the device otherwise you can just change the driver after it is paired.

What Zigbee channel are you using ??
Because I think @aaiyar has used “Konke” devices and mentioned them only
operating on a few channels.

Also, from this ..

[quote="at9, post:1592, topic:11425"]
As it runs on 2 aaa batteries the voltage range will need to be adjusted.
[/quote] .... do you mean adjusting the voltage in the device driver so that it reports more accurately ??

Thanks man

I run on channel 20 and just tested it out and it worked on both channel 22 & 18 so doesn't look like it is restricted.

What I meant was the Konke runs on a coin cell and the Blitzwolf runs on aaa so the voltage range will need to be a lot wider (e.g. 2.0-3.0v) to give correct battery levels and will be different again if like me you use Ni-MH batteries. This can be done in preferences or change the defaults in the driver code.

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Sweet. Thx