Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

OK - Whirlpool folk have worked out the API for Actron Que. wondering if this could be used by Hubitat?

Missed that on there, currently i'm just controlling mine with a Sonoff SV with just on/off but that looks interesting.

I'm thinking of getting the Nue downlights does anybody have them installed?

I have a couple of the Nue switches and powerpoints and haven't had issues with them but was interested in what the quality of the lights was like.

Hey guys, my brain is either not working or google is letting me down. Is anyone aware of any MR16 globes that can be linked to the Hubitat ? We got some lights in the Museum and I want to control individual globes so that when speaker one runs that dummy is highlighted kind of thing. I'm not seeming to find any for the AU market ?

Edit: and my spelling and grammer is off today as well


Can you convert them to GU10 fittings and ditch the transformer ??
Then you could use the GU10 Sengleds which do not repeat. :+1:t3::blush:


You could buy these which are Tuya based, flash them with Tuya Convert as to install Tasmota on them then use the HE drivers over here.

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@njanda they look like a decent option, I'll do some digging as it says they need a hub.
@jchurch they look good too, I'll have to work on my flashing skills

might get one or two of each and see which one works better.

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I’m pretty sure they should pair just fine BUT I’d be wary of putting them with other sensor s

Hi Fellow Hubitat Fans,

I've got an old Queenslander and although i've been able to get Z-Wave Yale Locks on the regular doors on the extension, i'm a bit unsure what to do with these traditional doors/locks on the original front door(s) - any tips?

Door 1:

Door 2:

The Danalock V3 should work for the second door as it replaces the cylinder.
I don't have one so can't attest to it but there a a few people in the community that have the zigbee version worjing.

Quick question for anyone with a Nue wall switch, how the hell did you get the front cover off lol. I feel like i'm about to break the one i have.

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I use a screw driver insert top or bottom and slightly twist. Don't be scared but it will come off.


Got it but it took a bit :pleading_face: Working good aswell.


Emailed the manufacturer the pics of my door, they said no and they don't know of a lock that would fit

That's odd as this the installation looks like it would just replace the cylinder guess it won't work for me either then.

The dana lock or any single cylinder style lock work on door one as there is only a deadbolt to replace. The screw holes for the face plate would need to be patched.. also you would need a bar handle to push and pull the door.

Door 2 could use something similar as it would replace the cylinder hole, the just add a basic lever handle. Again, the face plate screw holes would need patching

On door 1, If you took the deadbolt off the inside of the door to attach the Danalock, wouldn’t there be no ‘latch’ to secure the door closed !
What am misunderstanding as I’ve got that same setup, a deadbolt style, on my front door ?

Correct.. my apologies. i assumed the danalock came with a deadbolt that is installed in edge of the door... much like the yale locks....

You could also just purchase a this,
Then fit the danalock

Ha yeah. I’m still to lazy to cut into the door and fit that. LOL
My slow search for a screw on replacement continues. :pensive: