Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

Probably easier then for the guys to answer this one given they are on the forums already @bond-jacob

:+1: By sheer coincidence, someone posted over at yesterday asking Bond to add support for Alpha motors as they tried and failed to get them to work. @bond-jacob Can you shed any further light?

sorry - was there a driver for this for HE yet ?

if I sent you one of these @mike.maxwell could we get this coded in, please?

I am not sure if @mike.maxwell has received any new products from Kevin (3asmarthome) since sending on the switches a while back. It would be good if further support is coming for his other products though. I had the option of AC or DC fans and I opted for DC fans to scan the RF remotes using the device and it works a treat. It was funny too because when I set out to do this it didn't have Hubitat support that came recently.

I wrote a driver/tile for that current weather JSON info from the BOM. It also gets the forecast info via FTP. There's still a few things missing/changes I want to make, but it might be helpful for what you want to do :slight_smile:


Nice one. btw, did you ever try out the Darksky weather driver? I personally find it fairly accurate when comparing to BOM data. Ideally i'd like my own local weather station tho :pensive:

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'll have a play with it on the weekend and see if I can control my blinds with some rudimentary rules.

No I haven't tried DarkSky... burnt too many times with (phone) apps that were totally inaccurate in Aus.
Good to hear that there are some decent alternatives around though.

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Wow, that part of the website is a major blindspot for me! We have a decently active forum at I'll see what I can about answering those questions and re-routing people. Thanks for pointing that out.

We support Somfy RTS remotes out-of-the-box. There's no other rolling code protocols supported quite yet. We're nearing the end of a big (~1 year) push where we basically rebuilt the whole platform, we're finally gaining some momentum, and I expect to see more rolling code protocols supported early next year.

Yes, lots of big promises were made early on. Garage doors are a big deal.

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Thanks for the update mate. Yes I have noticed a huge push in the space which is awesome too see!! Also just to be clear if a shade/blind isn't using rolling code protocols it would then work fine?

Yes, you can just record and play back the signals in that case. You simply indicate what sort of action the signal performs, and the Bond will expose some controls and state via its local API.

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Excellent and that's as I anticipated then. Much appreciated mate :smile:

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Thanks for clarifying, Jacob. To help with my rudimentary understanding, to implement the rolling code support for a particular manufacturer blind requires cooperation from the manufacturer, right? You can't simply implement learning the codes in your software, like you can with fixed code RF. In other words, we'll never see a universal box that does all rolling code RF devices. It relies on you having agreement with each manufacturer and them giving you access to their 'keys' for the rolling code.

Right, the Somfy controllers are generated with a random address and then paired with the receiver. There is no real "learning" on the Bond's end, it already "knows" how to build a Somfy remote.

Yes, it certainly helps.

That's safe to say, since the Bond (or a device of a similar nature) can't really "learn" these codes on the spot, and it's a pretty big time investment to support each new protocol. That said, I'm hoping we can get pretty good coverage over the coming years.

Hey Fellas,

If you get a minute go over to RM4 - List of example rules to post some of your favourite Automations.

Mine arrived and it pairs but can't find a driver that will work with it yet.
I guess it's about time I learnt to to write one.

What did you get sorry?

this switch that was on sale.

Did you try and use the Nue switch driver? They are essentially rebadged Zemismart switches so you never know.

Ah..yeah I got one as well. Nice little remote. Definitely think we'll need a custom driver for it. Probably just a 6 button controller. 1 for each touch button and one for each double tap.