Hubitat EU version

I am currently in the US and have a Smartthings HUB with 100+ devices connected.

I am moving to Germany, leaving the Hub and some of the devices here (locks, garage opener, etc,) and am thinking about getting a Hubitat and re-installing some of my devices to to the Hubitat hub.

Of course to be Z-Wave compliant I would prefer to buy the EU Hubitat hub which I presume comes with a 220V power supply and supports the the EU Z-Wave frequencies via the EU Z-Wave USB dongle that comes with the EU Hubitat hub.

My dilemma is the EU Hubitat hub will not support the the many US Z-Wave devices I have (Switches, Door Sensors, Motion Detectors) correct?

Or if I was to buy a US Hubitat Hub it will not be 220V or work with new Z-Wave devices that I buy in the EU, correct.

Or is the a way to buy a EU Hubitat Hub and have both the US and the EU Z-Wave frequencies running at the same time?

Thanks for your input

PS. Just saw that the power supply is external so the 220/110V issue is not really an issue, so I just need a solution for the Z-Wave problem.

EU Z-Wave frequency is 868.42 MHz and is regulated by EU law. You shouldn't use US Z-Wave frequency in EU. Also all Z-Wave devices for the EU market will only work with EU frequency.
You can bring all your ZigBee devices along though. In EU it's the same frequency for ZigBee as in US 2.4 GHz.

Thanks Mario,

I just went ahed and purchased a EU Version Hub and will have to leave all my US Z-Wave devices here in the US.


To get both US and UK ZWave support you could buy two hubs and link them using the HubLink or HubConnect software.

Bear in mind that the use of US Z-Wave frequency devices is prohibited in Europe. Your adherence to that is a choice you'd make.

ZigBee however is the same frequency although might have different power emmission regulations, you can bring those devices with you onto a EU hub.


Welcome to EU :slight_smile:
Lots of Fibaro devices here. Also you can get wifi Blebox modules that are integrated with HE. Hopefully Shelly devs will get integrated as well.

Search Shelly and you may save lots if you are prepared to use a screwdriver. :smiley: