Hubitat <> Emby media center 2 way integration

Hi all,
I am slowly shifting over from Vera hub where I worked with a talented developer (Rigpapa) in creating a 2 way app/integration with “Emby”.
The use case for this are as follows:

  1. Dimm light when play of movie starts then turn off after xyz seconds
  2. If main media room client is active and currently playing video and there is motion detection on outside sensors (as can’t hear a thing when loud movie is playing in media room) then: bookmark current position in video, stop video playing, start playing relevant external camera on main media room client, once camera feed is stopped then resume playing video from bookmarked point.
    Might it be possible that 2way Hubitat <>Emby app might of already been created or might a developer be willing to look into something similar in Hubitat?
    I can possibly ask for code used in Vera app and pointers from the previous developer if needed?

I use Kodi and Harmony for this so no help there.

A quick Google search found this, might it be close to what you want (3rd post)?

Thanks for the response, I already have this addin running but it is only one way emby>Hubitat and lacks the ability for Hubitat to control emby client session to:
Bookmark place in current video
Stop playing video
Start external camera on selected emby client
Restart previously playing video from bookmark point on selected client

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i run emby and do not know of a way for hubitat to control emby functions (play, pause). i do have an onkyo receiver integrated with hubitat, so i could switch the source on the receiver to a different hdmi client that would show camera feeds. not sure that is really helpful. interested to see where you go with this.

The emby app for Vera hub still works with 2way control possible (but attempting to move all functionality into Hubitat). As far as getting a camera feed to play in emby, you just add the security app and add camera 1 camera 2 or what ever unique name, then when you are up to the “play camera feed on emby client 1” you call the unique camera name. I found that as long as you can search in emby for the camera name (has to be unique name in your media collection) it will play in the selected emby client.