Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.2.3 Amazon Echo skill added support for garage door controllers

The update states:


Amazon Echo Skill App

  • Added support for garage door controllers.

It would be nice to know exactly what support was added. The only function I can determine prior to this update is to query the state of the garage door.

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I believe prior the only way to use a garage door was via a virtual switch? At least I don’t recall being able to directly add my garage door to the skill; now I can and I can ask Alexa to open/close it.

Have just tried this with Alexa and what ever I ask I just get
Door does not support that.
When I added the doors Alexa said try saying
Alexa, open left garage
But it doesn’t work :cry:
Have tried removing and adding again, but no change
Any ideas

Can you post a screenshot the door device, it’s events and logs? I assume (but have to ask) that you added the door to the echo skill app? Also what does Alexa respond with?

Door Device = Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener
With debug mode turned on there is nothing in the logs after asking Alexa: "Is the garage door open?" response "Checking hang on" and then "The garage door is closed"

With debug mode turned on there is nothing in the logs after asking Alexa: "Open the garage door" response "Use your usual garage door opener" then "to enable open by voice, go to the Alexa app, got to devices and edit your garage door settings."

Lame answer as there are no "garage door settings".

The voice command: "Close the garage door" does work now.

Mine is a home grown driver but has the standard garage door capability which works fine from the dashboard.

As mentioned Alexa says it’s found the new devices and says
Try saying open left garage
But every thing I try just gives left garage does not support that


Alexa will not “open” a garage door via voice command unless you configure the Garage Door Device settings in the Alexa Mobile phone app to add a passcode.

Alexa will “close” a garage door via voice, though.

This is an Alexa security decision by Amazon, not Hubitat.

The open was just an example, as mentioned earlier I have tried open close, ask if the door is open or closed etc
Everything just comes back as it doesn’t support that

Maybe a region limitation? I have heard of other Alexa things that aren't the same for all markets, so it would not shock me to learn this was one of those things.

Does it show up in the app and if so, have you tried open/close within the app?

Should have tried it in the Alexa, no It doesn’t work in the app.

Noticed a few examples about setting up garage doors show the open by voice option in the device as below

My doors don’t have this option

Not sure if that has anything to do with it.
I did try removing and adding the doors again but no change

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Hope not, Alexa seems to recognise the doors and says they can be used with open commands but will do some searching

As a work around, I have a routine set up in alexa. When I say a phrase she switches on a virtual switch called that triggers an RM that I have set up to open the garage door and send notifications when complete or if the operation fails.

I haven’t tried the new functionality with Alexa yet. Is she able to tell you the status of the garage door now?

Tried creating a door with just the built in virtual garage door controller and that does not work with Alexa either.
Still don’t get the code option other people seem to be getting

As far as I can see there are no other options to try, would be interesting to see if it’s only me that cannot get them to work ?

@bcopeland - Did the recent enhancements to the Alexa Skill get pushed globally, or just the United States?

Fwiw, I don't see the new capabilities in the Australian alexa app
A lot of these things are region specific by amazon

Hmm. I have been opening and closing my Garage doors with Alexa using routines all along with no code and no problem.!
Here is my close routine for one of four GDO's

Here is the routine to open the same door.

I still don't know what was added to the new skill though.

That’s how I’ve been doing it on Vera too.

Great tip, this workaround for the annoying voice code did the trick for me. Now I have to figure out how to do the success/fail status notification based on my GoControl door orientation sensor.

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Wait, can I ask a question here? Are we saying that MyQ and Alexa can be joined simply now? Where do I learn more about this? Thanks!!!